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Top Solar Yard Light Trends

If you live in a house with either a lawn, backyard, or garden, the thought of turning the space pretty, fancy, and well-lit must have crossed your mind. But though the market is flooded with a variety of incandescent lights to make it happen, the electricity expenses, the sustainability crisis, and maintenance costs cast doubt on whether the idea is worth it. And truthfully speaking, it is not in this particular case. 

But all thanks to technological advancement, you now have the option to save a tiny part of the day’s light and create this nightly ambiance with only a small investment. Solar lights are at your disposal, which not only is an eco-friendly alternative to incandescent lights but is also budget considerate. Let’s quickly look at how these work, their benefits over other lighting options, some features, and the trending solar lighting types.

Solar Lights And How They Work

Everyone knows how solar energy generates electricity across nations. Since lighting is one of the primary electricity-consuming devices, solar lights are becoming heavily in-demand and popular alternatives. These lights consist of three major parts – an LED bulb, a battery, and a solar panel. 

Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity throughout the day and are made of crystalline silicon. The batteries store the generated electricity for future use, i.e., to light the LEDs whenever needed. 

Solar lights have photo-resistors as well. These sense the light loss, i.e., when the sunsets. The photo-resistor then automatically flips the LEDs on, stopping the generation of electricity. 

Variety Of Solar Light Features 

Unlike typical early solar light models, modern lights come with multiple features and options to choose from. Below are some of the best parts of solar lights. 

Auto Switch 

How many times have you forgotten to switch the lights off when you go inside? But that’s one less problem with solar lights in your yard. 

Many solar lights for yards come with an auto on/off feature. You can easily program these lights to go off at a specified time, meaning you can conserve energy without having to flip the buttons up and down manually. As mentioned above, the automatic sensors make it even more manageable as it shuts off the lights automatically as soon as the first ray of sunlight strikes. There is no need to worry about utility bills with these lights, and you can enjoy the ambiance in peace.

Motion Detectors

Many people use solar yard lights to create ambiance or for fun and to keep away the intruders. Yes, motion detectors keep you wary of anyone entering your premises, but they usually have an alarm or incandescent lights. 

Solar lights today include the feature of motion sensors, switching on whenever they sense someone in proximity. They don’t require any unique installations, unlike many other options, and not only alert you of intruders but also helps you find your way through the yard when it’s dark outside. 


One of the significant concerns of placing anything in the yard, whether its clothes or lighting, comes with the stress of getting them wet. Well, in the case of lights, the actual alarm is when they stop working. Though the thought might be worrisome when using regular lights in the yard, it is not with the solar lights since they are made with waterproof IP rank, making them highly resistant to water.

The solar lights can be in the yard without a thought about the weather outside. They have strong withstanding capabilities towards frequent use and loads of water. You can feel safe with these lights outside in the rain without getting nervous about blowing their fuses. 

The Lumen Number

You are often stuck with a fixed luminosity with many standard lighting systems. But the solar lights come with a lumen number which helps you decide on the amount of light and energy you want in your yard. You can easily choose a brightness range depending on the ambiance you wish for and even change it as per your outdoor settings. 

Types Of Garden Solar Lights In Trend

Different sections of your yard require different kinds of lighting arrangements. While solar lights are primarily available to fit all the bright areas, below are some of the most popular and widely used garden solar light options.


Spotlights are one of the most power-consuming lighting devices, and placing even a single traditional spotlight can hit the wallet hard, not to mention the number of spotlights you might require depending on your outdoor space. 

Solar lights are a perfect alternative for these, providing equal brightness levels as other traditional wired ones. These solar-powered spotlights can be fixed on outdoor walls or mounted on other higher areas, covering and illuminating most of your yard area. You can choose a spotlight with a higher lumen strength for more lively and bright surroundings or try placing multiple solar spotlights at different sections.

Garden Lights 

Garden lights equip the spaces such as flower beds, walkways, and paths with a warm ambient glow. Many solar lights are equally good and effective for decorating purposes and lighting needs. 

Stairway paths – there are Led lighting available that can be attached to the overhangs, which are both a fascinating addition to the regular staircase as well as a safety measure for nighttime. Various other solar LED options could provide the space a modern and elegant look.

Walkways – lawn bollards or integrated recessed solar lighting is your best shot at keeping your house stunningly ambient, lit, and safe. Most LED bulbs for path lights and walkways are not designed with the brightest source in mind but provide just the proper lighting for a soft glow. 

String Lights 

If you happen to have trees in your backyard, having solar-powered LEDs string lighting is a must. Plan a dinner outdoors or arrange a small event, and these lights will provide brightness enough for you to have an enjoyable evening. It could be just a single tree or a series of tall green friends to turn the ambiance classy and grand.

Fence Lights 

You can either choose to get solar lights with motion sensors over the fence to keep the intruders away or choose fancy lights that cover the entire fencing area around your house for a better architectural feel and look. Motion sensing lights can also be in driveways, entrances, or any other sneaky and dark place. Wall lights are another intelligent addition for holiday seasons you must consider. 

The Bottom Line

Adding a solar-powered led lighting system in houses is a great way to manage utility bills without compromising the look and feel of the space. Many high-quality lights are known to present an even better aura than their traditional counterparts, all that while being eco-friendly, easy to install, and eye-catching. So if you are planning on lighting your yard this season, make sure you go solar and utilize every bit of what the sun offers.