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Top Wine Cork Craft Ideas


If you love wine or not, there is a high probability of finding some wine corks left here or there in your houses. These corks carry their nostalgia, which prevents us from throwing them out. But because of a shortage of ideas, they often lie in some corner unnoticed. 

But fret not. These simple yet beautiful DIY ideas are sure to awaken your hidden artistic talents and give a new lease on life for the corks.

Make A Monogram

Make a monogram for yourself. You can use any initials and create a funky and, at the same time a personalized home decor. This can also be given as a perfect customized housewarming gift to your loved ones. Create an outline of the initials that you want in the desired font. Then fill it up, sticking in corks without leaving any space.


A plant enthusiast, then this might be the one for you. Make use of the cork to create beautiful and eye-catching vases that match your décor.

The cork is not the best thing to hold your plants as the soil will not be solid, and water will drain out. Hence arrange the cork onto a pot in which the plant is placed. Or use this as micro planters and grow small cacti plants.


Are you looking to make something for daily usage? Then these are perfect for you. Stack the cork side-by-side against each other to make a coaster for your cups, or make them long and wide and use them as a mat. Bring out your corks and arrange them in your desired shapes. Ditch the usual shapes and go the quirky way. Make sure you secure them tightly so they do not loosen out.


Carry a vintage look with these super cute DIY keychains. You can add a dash of color of your choice or engrave things to make them look more attractive. You need a round hook, and you are good to go. Be careful when you tighten the hook into it. You won’t want to lose the keys.

Jewelry Organizers/ Key Holder

Bring out the bohemian fashion with these simple and effective holders. You can sort your jewelry or use them to hang your keys. Secure the cork onto the wall or cupboard. Fix the cork with tiny hooks so that you can hang your items on it. 


Make these small and cute stamps with your cork. Carve out the design you want to use, and you are set.

Earphone Organizer 

We all have experienced the frustration of untangling the earphone cords. Make use of these simple solutions to keep the tangled mess at bay. Make a small slit on either end (flat surface) to fix your ends of the earphone. Use the length of the body to wrap around.


Bring a vintage and cozy look to the living area by the addition of this DIY Chandelier. Up the game by adding lights.


Put a large number of corks into use by making a chair out of them. Adhere them to each other using strong glue so that they can be usable.


Replace your boring knobs with these cute corks and liven up the place. The best place would be cupboards and shelves.


A wreath is not just a thing for Christmas. Create this DIY all-seasonal wreath and deck them up with ribbons, flowers, and other accessories to personalize them.


Worried that your talent limits you from making those mind-blowing masterpieces? Then these small and cute artworks will come to your rescue.

Follow some simple steps and flaunt them on your shelves.

Garden Markers 

Fix them on top of a stick and use them to identify the plants and herbs you grow in your garden.


If you are one of those people who have piled up cork from over the years, then this DIY article is just for you. And if not, you can still pick-up ideas and start saving them now!