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Unique Ways To Get Extra Storage In Your Kitchen


No matter how big your home is, kitchen space is never enough if you cannot keep things organized well. For smooth kitchen work, you need to rethink your space. There are so many options to choose from that can help you expand your storage space and keep your kitchen clutter-free. 

Vertical Racks

Make better use of the vertical wall space available by placing a vertical rack that will hold all the pots and pans present in your kitchen, and you will never have to bend and search for them in the cabinets. It is most wise to construct them above the sink to drip into the sink if there’s any water leftover.

Baskets To Your Rescue

Though they are huge, they can easily store visible things, so you do not have to waste time hunting for them. Invest in buying some easy, colorful baskets, and you can keep fruits and vegetables in them. They can also be helpful to carry spice bottles if your kitchen space is too small. 

Cabinet Doors For Extra Space

No one pays much attention to the door because we are more into the cabinet space inside. But one can interestingly construct some hooks to store cutting boards, container lids, or things like parchment papers, silver foils, trays. However, you may have to reorganize the stuff in the cabinet to not coincide with the door stuff.

High Rack Holder

Most people place their rack holders right next to the kitchen sink. If you mount the dish rack vertically, you will have additional space below the rack. So set a glass or plastic tray below the shelf, and there, you have extra space. Holding things upright makes them dry faster, and it looks even better.

Dividers For Cabinets

No matter how much time you spend reorganizing those cutleries, containers, or spoons, you will soon end up in a mess. The best solution is to add dividers to your drawer and make a partition. Now, the utensils will be on one side while the containers on the other.

Window Holders

If you have windows in your kitchen, you might want some fresh air or sunlight to visit you every day. Windows, too, can hold some small requirements such as dish rack, or others might grow edible green like parsley. One can even design hooks to hang pots and pans, but it all depends on the amount of ventilation you need in the kitchen.

Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

If you have gaps between your cabinets and the kitchen ceiling, then this is an excellent place to store stuff that you visit occasionally or only on festivities. Storing such items above the cabinets will make it easier for you to remember, and you have to reach that high just once or twice.

Drawer Under The Sink

Mainly, cabinets are below the sink to store dishwashing solutions or even the garbage basket. You can easily slide the drawer and look into things you need. One can construct more oversized drawers so bottles like dishwashers, detergents can easily fit in.

The Bottom Line

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, with the suitable space, you can do wonders. And this includes organizing all the details of your kitchen. Try out these kitchen storage ideas for a better cooking experience.