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What To Know Before Buying An RV


Buying an RV is a big decision. There are many things you should consider before making the purchase. If you’re not careful, you could end up with something too small or has features that don’t meet your needs. We’ve created this article to help you think through what to look for in an RV to be perfect for your lifestyle!

Types Of RVs

There are many RVs available on the market today. The first thing you should decide is what type of RV is best for your lifestyle and needs? There are three main types: travel trailers, class A RVs, and class B RVs.

The most common RVs are travel trailers. You can tow travel trailers behind your car or truck). Travel trailer RVs come in different sizes depending upon how much space you need inside. For example, small ones sleep two to four people, which will fit into almost any campsite but won’t have room for a lot of gear. RVs that sleep six or more people are larger and require a bigger campsite – but they can easily accommodate everyone on your trip!

The second type of RV is a class A RV. These RVs have the same basic amenities as travel trailer RVs. However, they come with an exterior built-in storage area that you can use to store extra equipment like bikes/kayaks/snowboards, etc. They’re also great for tailgating because you don’t need any additional tools to set them up at the event. Class As differ from regular towable RVs in another important way: they sit higher off the ground, so there’s no crawling under to hook up a sewer hose.

Finally, there’s the class B RV, which is very popular among people who take shorter trips because it has all the amenities but takes up less space on the road when not in use. Class B RVs are also great for towing behind smaller cars or SUVs. Some people even tow them with motorcycles! They tend to be more expensive than travel trailers and have fewer options available, so you’ll need to decide what your top priorities are before making this purchase decision.

Inspect The RV Or Trailer

Many Rvers don’t realize that buying an RV is just like buying a house. There are things you need to check for and fix before making the purchase. When buying a new trailer, inspecting these items is not imperative because none of the appliances or the interior have been used. When buying a used trailer, it is important to check every aspect of it before committing to it. Some issues could lead to thousands in repairs. 

First, make sure there aren’t any signs of damage on the outside or inside, including dents/dings in exterior walls, scratches, loose paneling around door jams, etc. These could indicate water damage which will be way more expensive than what you would expect if not taken care of immediately! Any cosmetic damage can be pesky and annoying to look at, even if it doesn’t cause any larger problems.

Next, look at all cabinets and pull out the drawers. Make sure that none are broken or have missing knobs/handles etc. RVers tend to be very hard on RVs because of the nature of their lifestyle, so you’ll want something nice and sturdy! Each cabinet must be useable as well since there is only so much storage space on them.

Another important thing to check for is water damage inside cabinets. It would be best to look at all baseboards, countertops, windowsills, doorsills, etc., for signs of moisture which could indicate a leak somewhere in the RV. Check behind cushions, too – especially if there’s any sign of moldy smell around them. Not only can these leaks ruin your furniture or appliances, but they lead to rot & rust.

You’ll want to make sure that all appliances work and function properly inside the RV or trailer. RVers are notorious for using these RVs to their fullest, so they should be in good condition! If anything seems less than perfect, make sure it gets fixed before you purchase the RV! It will save you a lot of money & time because you might not get a warranty once it leaves the dealership. 

Always have an experienced RVer inspect your potential new toy just like car dealerships do before selling them! RVs and trailers are expensive vehicles to own, so getting your money’s worth is crucial.

Check The Driving Mechanics


Driving trailers can be tricky, so it is essential to test out the driving mechanics of any potential trailer. An excellent way to do this would be to go on several long trips with your family in tow (so you know how comfortable they are). Drive up and down hills, stop and start it often, etc. You’ll want something that handles easily & smoothly! Make sure there aren’t any blind spots where you may not see cars or people passing by. 

These trailers also come equipped with different features which affect handling like: anti-sway bars, stabilizer jacks, disk brakes vs. drum brakes vs. hydraulic disc brakes, weight distribution, hitch systems, etc. These items will drastically influence what type of trailer suits you best!


Buying an RV is a big decision because they are an investment. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before buying one. RV ratings can be helpful, especially if this is your first RV to own! Remember that the RVing lifestyle means living differently from most people, but it’s also an enriching and fun experience for those who enjoy camping & traveling unconventionally. Do not buy the first RV/trailer you see – take some time, research different brands, models, etc. You’ll want something that will give you years of enjoyment, so make wise choices! Good luck with all future adventures!!!