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What You Should Do In Case Of A House Fire


The very thought of your room caught in fire is horrible, and we all wish nothing like this ever happens to anyone. But you must know how to act in an emergency to save your own life and everyone else’s life. 

In case your home caught fire due to any reason, stay calm and remember all the tips mentioned here. Learn what you should do in case of a house fire. 

What You Should Do In Case Of A House Fire – Escape Routes

As you know, the very first thing to do when you find yourself trapped in a house fire is to keep calm and don’t panic. Then, if you live in a building, use the safest escape route to come out of the building with everyone at your home. While exiting the building, immediately pull the fire alarm pull station.

Another thing to note is that there’ll be a lot of smoke in a place caught on fire, so try to crawl or stay near the floor. Smoke tends to rise, and you need clean air to breathe. Also, do not collect valuables, jewelry, or possessions. Nothing is more important than your life. 

While you exit the building, feel the doors with the back of your hands. If they feel warm, there must be fire on the other side. Do not open such doors. Once you come out of the building, do not go back and report the emergency personnel. 

If someone is in the building, give the emergency personnel details and stay where you are. Never go back, as this will only hinder the efforts fire personnel will make to carry out the operation safely, and this way, you’ll risk your own life too. The last and final thing is to stay in a safe area and wait for further personnel instructions. 

What Precautions To Take To Prevent Fire?

It’s always helpful to keep your corridors, doors, and all the pathways free from obstruction. Check that all your cords and electrical appliances are UL-approved and in good condition. Also, avoid overloading the power outlets and use an extension cord if needed. 

The best way to avoid a house fire is to never store highly flammable materials in your room or home. Never tamper with any fire system equipment like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc. It’s not only dangerous but doing so is a criminal offense. Apart from this, raising a false fire alarm is also a criminal offense. 

Do take every fire alarm seriously and act wisely. Exit the building immediately without wasting any time. 

Do’s And Don’ts In Case Of Fire

Here Are A Few Things You Should Do In Case Of Fire 

In case you’re unable to exit the building during the fire, stay in your room in a safe place. While doing this, keep your doors closed and call the fire personnel. If you see smoke entering your room, immediately stuff wet or damp sheets or towels or blankets in the gaps. 

Once you’ve come out of the room, check whether your family or neighbors evacuated the building safely and, if not, inform the emergency personnel but never go back yourself. 

What You Should Not Do In Case Of Fire

If you hear a fire alarm, never assume that it’s fake or someone has burnt a cake in the oven. Any alarm could be a sign, and it might save your life. 

Never waste time acquiring valuables or cash, and the final thing, do not use elevators in case of fire; always use stairs. 

The Bottom Line

In case of fire or any emergency, one should stay calm and try to act wisely. If you hear any alarm or feel smoke, immediately get out of the building and call your local emergency phone number. By executing all of the mentioned tips, you can save your life and the people around you.