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5 Eco-Conscious Products That Make Doing Laundry A Breeze


Automated technologies and efficient products have always decreased the workload that we face daily. But none of them give relief to how automated the household chores are. Point. They are called chores for some reason. But there is no way that your laundry pile will decrease on its own without you raising your fingers. So rather than avoiding the pile, face it!

Washing machines have definitely given a wayfarer for people. Bringing down the tedious process of soaking, beating, and rinsing the clothes into an automated procedure. But it is hard to ignore what machine washing does to your clothes. So here are five products that work with the machine to protect your clothes and make your everyday laundry a breeze!

Specialized Laundry Detergents

Choosing the right laundry detergent might save not only your clothes but your planets too! Even if you ignore the synthetic discharges that the industry puts out, the plastic packaging and the residue released are all too large to weigh on the scale. The alternative eco-friendly laundry strips are a good option. Though they might not be as cheap as the synthetics are, they are not too expensive either. Your monthly laundry will cost you anywhere between 5-7$ with these affordable options.

Tru Earth, Earth Breeze, and Drops are few brands to check out eco-friendly detergents.

Fabric Softeners/ Dryer Sheets/ Dryer Balls

Detergents do the cleaning, and the softener does the protection. They do much more than just adding a dash of fragrance. They coat your clothes, making them soft and less susceptible to wear and tear. There are many alternatives for the softener, the most common being the dryer sheets and dryer balls. All come with minor differences in their relative effectiveness. It’s true, not all clothes require a softener; still, if you want, then try the environment-friendly dryer ball.

Laundry Mesh Bags

Want to keep all your socks together? Or are you frustrated how the tassels of that beautiful lace dress get tangled in the machine wash? Then these laundry mesh bags are your saviors. Mesh bags give enough room for your stuff to get washed and dried without getting tossed around other clothes. Mesh bags are available in a whole range of sizes and colors. Just put your stuff inside, zip it up and then toss it into the machine.  

Lint/ Hair/ Dye Catcher

Many of the clothes release lint. Yes, even the synthetic fibers. Whether they are stuck onto clothes or are released into water, they are a problem. Though machines have inbuilt lint catchers, sometimes they aren’t just enough. Here are lint catchers that save your day. If you are looking to filter microplastics, look into laundry balls manufactured by Cora and Guppy Friend. Similarly, when you are putting in colorful clothes, you should be careful about dyes leaking out. Toss the worries aside with a dye catcher that makes sure your every wash is accident-free.  

Stain Removers

Some stains are just stubborn. No matter the efforts you put in, they refuse to say goodbye. Try the stain remover from BunchaFarmers that are a biodegradable yet effective way to say goodbye to those grease stains you have been carrying on your favorite shirt.


Moving towards a sustainable source is the call of the hour. Detergents are one of the main sources of water pollution leading to eutrophication and biomagnification. At the present stage, turning towards sustainable and environment-friendly products might not be the most feasible idea. However, bringing small changes in everyday life by those who can go a long way. So while adopting these products to make your laundry easier, think about going the alternate way too.