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5 Products To Help You Be A Better Plant Parent


Like all living things, plants have some basic needs to survive, including air, water, sunlight, nutrition, and a favorable temperature. They are very useful as they help in maintaining the oxygen level. They absorb the CO released from vehicles, industries, and animals and give us pure, clean oxygen to breathe. You should grow them in large numbers and care for them with love and affection. A small, well-kept garden brightens up the entire look of any house and also fills our lives with excitement and joy to behold. 

Growing plants is no rocket science; it is a simple and easy way to transform barren land into a place full of life and colors. It needs no professionalism or perfection, but there are a few helpful things when taking care of your plants. Check them out below. 

Products That Help Plants Grow And Thrive


Plants need sunlight to grow and make food. But if you’re living in a place where you receive little sunlight and face long dark winters like in the US, then you need to take some steps to grow light to substitute natural light. You can use LED grow lights as a classic solution. You can provide light artificially and help plants grow and flourish. 


When you become a plant parent, it’s quite difficult to get into the practice of watering your plants. As a newbie, you may not be aware of the amount of water a plant needs. So for your convenience, there are some self-watering pots available and designed to prevent excess watering. When you use these planters or pots, your plant absorbs the water they need to survive. These are commonly terracotta with a hand-blown glass reservoir. 


Some tropical and subtropical plants like lilies, orchids, palms, and ferns can survive in a humid environment. Most houses have a 30-50% humidity level, and it decreases during winters. Therefore, to keep your indoor plant alive, the installation of an ultrasonic mist humidifier could help. 

Multi-layered Plant Stand

As a plant parent, you can display your indoor pots using a multi-layered plant stand to convert your space into an indoor garden

Sticky Traps

It’s a common problem that flies, insects, pests, gnats, etc., damage your plants, especially when you plant saplings. Therefore, it is better to prop potstickers, pest traps, or the sticky butterfly-shaped traps near the roots. You can protect your baby plant and set an example of being the best plant parent like all other plant owners. 


Plant parenting is no less than bringing up your children or pets. Plants can add vibrancy to your house and make you feel proud with each bloom. With the help of your close friends and searching online, you can create your own indoor or outdoor garden. You need to spend time, energy, and effort to make each of the saplings grow and thrive, just like your own kids, by providing them with their basic needs.