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Top 10 Trending Wall Paneling Ideas


Wall paneling is an excellent way to hide dings and dents or if you want to add style to a plain surface and is also a fantastic way to add a simple yet country house look to your home. Many methods can help you add the perfect texture to your walls, from classy to trendy looks. Check out some of the top wall paneling ideas below.

The Board And Batten Paneling

You will primarily see this style for barn siding. Mounted on the walls are wide alternating pieces of wood or engineered wood. You can use glue or nails to adjoin wide panels with a vertical wall-mount with vertical battens. Wainscoting( paneling the lower part of any wall) is a prevalent method used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. 

 The Picture Frame Molding 

The primary purpose of this paneling is to be a divider between portraits. The Egyptians used this design commonly in ancient times. In recent times,  you will see it for artwork or paneling without any painting. In this method, four wooden panels are placed together as a frame. It has an undeniable traditional look, but you can also transform it into a modern framework. It is set in bedrooms or living rooms as it showcases impressive artwork. 

Faux leather

If you are very conscious about animals and do not want them harmed or simply do not like actual leather because it may be too expensive, you can always go for faux leather. This leather-look appears very classy and posh while also being very relaxed at the same time. 

Self-Adhesive Wood Planks

You can get the loveliness of natural wood in your home without having the added problems of sourcing, standing, nailing, and staining. What you have to do is take off the adhesive backing and attach it to your walls. You can get these woods in more natural shades, but also more modern finishes like a charcoal finish will give a great vibe to your room overall. 

A Custom-Shaped Wallpaper

 If all else fails, then you can always make your wallpaper. You may work with someone who is excellent at art for this, or you can also buy a piece of paper and design it the way you want according to the room you wish to put it in. There is great satisfaction in working and creating something by yourself for your home. 


Felt paneling comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. These can be attached to a wall temporarily with a clip, or you can also use an adhesive approved by the manufacturer. Felt paneling can give you a more semi-permanent look and make you feel like you are in a tranquil place, but that is because felt can soundproof your home to a degree. You can try out many different things to find what you like and what suits you the best. 


The name kind of suggests what this is and a lot of people may love this idea. It is when you use old wood and repurpose it for a new project, such as paneling. You can salvage it from old building beams, planks, or simply old furniture. Adding something like this to a wall can make your place look very rustic and relaxed while reusing something and not merely buying new, which can reduce waste. You can turn this old wood into drawers or cabinets or simply attach it to a wall.

Raised Paneling 

Raised paneling was in use in the 17th century, which included wooden vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Its dimensions create an illusion of a shelf with a narrow protruding base, giving a traditional and taste-full look to your wall. It needs enough space so you can try it in your living room or bedroom where there is enough space on the wall. 


Shipbuilders used shiplap in the 19th century, but in modern times it is used as interior decor. Use wood panels to mount the wood on the wall either vertically or horizontally by stacking on one another or placing it side-by-side. Shiplap paneling suits best in a kitchen or a den when installed from the ceiling to the floor. 

Jackson Style Grid 

This style has been in trend for ages and continues to impact the modern age. You can add beading to this kind of paneling to give it an elegant look. You can use the panel framing and quadrants according to your room size and match the paint and skirting to the floor for an impressive look.  

To Sum Up

Use some of these wall paneling ideas to add a fresh new design to your house or use it to cover up imperfections in your walls. You can buy many things for your home, and if all else fails, you can simply make something for yourself. You can also use sentimental value and turn it into a great-looking piece of art in your house.