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5 Uses For Coffee Grounds


How do you dispose of coffee? Throw the bags out of the window? Or put them in the trash? This would be interesting to know that you don’t have to end your coffee experience with the last sip of your coffee mug. There are many uses of coffee after that too. 

These five tips are simple, practical, and rewarding, so do check them out and put your coffee grounds to use. 

Repel Pests

Do you know, bugs and insects hate the smell of coffee grounds? This can be of great advantage to you. Spread lines of coffee about 1-2 inches on the areas where you might feel that the ants make their colonies and venture a lot. But keep in mind to refresh the lines every two weeks. 

This technique will work like a charm. Doing this will prevent ants from coming into the kitchen or in the areas where you don’t want them to be. This technique doesn’t only work for ants, and it also works for snails, slugs, and fleas. 

Use It As A Body Scrub

Coffee can be a great exfoliator as it is the coffee grounds’ gritty texture and acidic compounds. By adding a few home ingredients, you can create your body scrub, which is good for your skin. These items are effortless to find in your pantry, like 3-4 bags of coffee grounds, one teaspoon of any natural oil, and one teaspoon of brown sugar. There you go! Your customized scrub is ready. You can do this as often as you want and don’t have to pay a heavy price to buy an exfoliator. 

Make Homemade Coffee Candles

In candle making, coffee grounds are one of the main ingredients. They look great when layered with candles. As the candles burn, it releases the rich smell of coffee, and the real used coffee grounds smell so glorious that you don’t have to use the aromatic oils again.

Enrich Your Garden

Coffee grounds are a great addition to the composition of your garden. They are very rich in nitrogen, and that’s why they are called ‘greens’ in the garden world. Worms and other decomposers love nitrogen, so they stick around and make your compost more fertile. Coffee grounds are a rich source of potassium, minerals, and vitamins, and they work together to make the soil fertile. Spread them around your garden and see the magic. It would be best to remember to make sure you are not adding coffee grounds in the areas where there are growing plants, as they could damage the plant by boosting soil acidity.

Save For Winters

If you live in colder regions where ice piles up, then keep your coffee grounds for such places. They work as excellent de-icer. Salt is also one of the de-icer. It lowers the temperature of the water and causes snow to melt or less likely to freeze. Also, it makes it easier to walk by creating a point of friction. 

Coffee Grinds

There are so many different styles of brewing coffee. Each grind requires a unique style to achieve a delicious cup of coffee. There are the following types of undertaking:

  1. The coarse grind- for methods like a French press.
  2. Medium coarse- this is for brewing like the Eva solo café, also known as the reverse French press. 
  3. Medium grind- this is common, and it works well for standard drips pot.
  4. Fine grind- here, the coffee is brewed in a small pot with a long handle.


There are plenty of ways to use the coffee grounds. These all ways are natural and effective and also nontoxic. Instead of paying a hefty price to get new exfoliators and pesticides, you can use these natural ways to use coffee grounds for household purposes.