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Why Are Your Houseplants Dying?


Plants enhance the beauty of any house. It is exciting to find a suitable spot to keep your plant, and you might even give it a name. After a few weeks, some plants may be doing well. However, after some time, life takes over with work and activities, and soon they have already dried up. They have lost their luster and are turning brown. Bringing plants at home Is not the only way. Figure out what your plants need and can make them stay for long. 

It is not natural to keep the plant in one small pot for years. When the plants are let on their own to grow, they will grab as much moisture and nutrients from the soil, and also the lightning condition will be ideal for them to grow and do not need a human to water them and take care of them. It is all nature’s law.

The greenhouses elevate plant’s growth and help them to grow in the best conditions. They are provided with unobstructed light and water from all angles and are sprayed with the best fertilizers. After this, the plant is brought to the nursery from the greenhouse, and they are subjected to complete darkness where they don’t receive sunlight to process food. By the time you get pants to your home, they have already been half under shock, which shows that they need to be taken a lot of care of. 

Plants May Die If You Neglect Them

Sometimes you forget to water plants. But you should also know which plant requires how much water? Some plants need water once a week, but some other plants cannot live without water, even for a day. For instance, if you have a six-foot cactus, then you can potentially go without watering it for a month. But when talking about plants such as snake plants, Zanzibar, they need to be watered every two weeks or so. But for most of the plants, you need to water them every once a week. This also doesn’t that being a responsible plant parent will take away all your free time. What you have to do is just a little care of placing them where they receive an adequate amount of sunlight, and they don’t need more than ten minutes of your love time. 

But keep in mind that you don’t overdo it, as sometimes the biggest murderer of indoor plants is watering them every day. 

Plants Die Due To Improper Watering Techniques

    • As said above too, that over-watering them can also lead plants to die. It is the truth that the lighting conditions at home are not as good as they are n the greenhouse. When you overdo watering the plant daily, the plants do not have the chance to absorb the water from the leaves, and this can easily cause the root to rot and yellowing of leaves, bacteria, etc. 
    • Also, on the flip side, when you do not water plants at all, or you are skipping watering them, then you should always imagine plant pot with one-third of water, this is the ideal quantity for how much a plant can handle, but also make sure to research the plant before getting one. 
    • One of the other reasons for the improper watering technique is putting a plant without a drainage hole in the pot. There are pots with multiple drainage holes at the bottom. Many of us think it is bad for the plant as all the water will drain soon and would not stay, so you tend to put them into nice decorative pots without any drainage hole. After watering the plant, the plant does not have any drainage holes to escape the water. This watering method reduces the oxygen level in the roots and affects the overall health of the sources. Make sure you always have a drainage hole in the pot.
    • Do not use freezing wat rot water the plants as it can shock the roots. 
    • Ensure that you water the soil evenly and make sure every inch of the ground is drained with water, or you fill the large bowl with water and place the pot inside it so that the plant can suck the water through the holes in the pool. 

Plants Don’t Get Enough Light

Light is the main source of the plants to prepare food and keep themselves alive. Most of the plants require direct sunlight to prepare food. Dessert plants like cactus and succulents require direct sunlight, whereas tropical plants require indirect sunlight, or also they can be placed in a bright room where the sun rays are filtered.

The Plants Can Die When You Do Not Do Proper Research About Them

Before bringing the plant, it is necessary to research and know about the species of the plant. The species of the plants vary from each other. Therefore you need to research your preferences and figure out what type of plant do you need. 

Indoor Plants

Most people prefer semi-tropical or tropical as indoor plants. If you plan to keep indoor plants, provide them with correct moisture, sunlight, and water. Most plants die easily, so you should use proper fertilizers and right-sized pots to keep them. 

There are some options to choose from, such as snake plant, dracaena gold star, rubber tree, monstera deliciosa, ZZ plant, spider plant, etc. 


Plants are very effective measures to improve the air quality in your home. They also provide positive energy and boost up mood. You should keep indoor plants but at the same time should also take care of them, create a comfortable ambiance for them, and it will improve your work efficiency. You’ll be able to concentrate, and your attention will be heightened and also will enhance your creativity.