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Unique Houseplants To Add To Your Home


Houseplants are becoming more and more popular these days. Also, people are constantly seeking out new or unusual plants to add to our collections. 

Some of the most unique and unusual indoor plants have an aesthetic natural look. Colorful leaves, glossy green foliage, weird and wonderful shapes, and growing habits all add to the beauty of many uncommon and rare aesthetic houseplants.

Nerve Plant

This colorful plant is stunning from South America. Because of the red, bright veins on the leaves, it is known as nerve plants.

It lives in low humidity and a dry air atmosphere. Apart from that, it will look gorgeous in any room and be a pretty easy producer.

Rose Grape 

This plant is one of the most beautiful and unusual plants you can grow indoors; this is a magnificent plant. You can enjoy its remarkable pink flower heads bunches of drooping small flowers with its glossy green leaves with jagged, wavy edges in spring. 

As the leaves can grow up to 1 ft. long, you can control their growth by growing them in a container. It needs plenty of humidity and also keeps it in a sunny location with partial shade.

Desert Rose

The Desert Rose comes from the deserts of Africa and the Middle East. It adds a wonderful pop color to the place when in flower, and even without the flowers, it’s a great focal point.

As it’s a desert plant, it does not require too much water. In the summer months, you can put it on your patio to encourage more growth.

Dolphin Succulent Plant

This plant is one of the cute succulent plants that you should have in your home. This plant makes a home look more homely and cheerful by its presence. This plant has small fleshy leaves in the shape of little Dolphins diving in the air and is extremely famous in Japan.

Marimo Moss Balls

These are little moist and softballs of algae that look like moss. These spherical moss balls live in water. Thus, these moss balls are normally kept in an aquarium to make a home look more attractive.

In Japan, Marimo Moss Balls are considered lucky charms and are also cherished as pets. 

Banana Shrub

This plant may be known as Banana Shrub, but it doesn’t belong to the banana family; it’s from the Magnolia family of plants. It is known as this because the flowers smell like bananas.

During watering, allow the soil to dry, and be sure not to overwater it as they are prone to root disease. This plant loves lots of light. 

Sensitive Plant 

This plant has many known names such as ‘shame plants,’ ‘bashful’ plants, ‘sleeping’ plants, and ‘humble’ plants. At first, the sensitive plant doesn’t appear to be so unique but, when you touch the leaves, leaflets on the fern-like leaves respond to the touch, and they fold into the stem’s center and look like they have gone to sleep. This unique leaf action has earned them others. 

Grow this plant in well-draining soil and only water when the soil is partly dry.

It needs to be bright and away from direct sunlight to care for a sensitive plant indoors.

Night Blooming Jasmine

Night Blooming Jasmine is the most fragrant rare houseplant and one you should consider. They have beautiful glossy dark green leaves and tiny white flowers. When they bloom at night, they release a rich, strong, and romantic smell!

There are many watering plants, especially when the weather is warmer, but you want to ensure that the soil dries during watering. Night Blooming Jasmine does love the sunlight, So ensure you find a sunny window for this plant.

Albuca Frizzle Sizzle

This rare houseplant, Frizzle Sizzle, has thick spiraled leaves that will give a modern, architectural look to any room. It even blooms sweet-smelling flowers in the spring, and sometimes the leaves turn brown when the flowers bloom. Also, you can snip off the flower spikes when they start to grow if you don’t want leaves to turn brown.

This plant needs lots of light, so put it to benefit your south-facing windows for this plant. And also allow the soil to dry out between watering.

Haworthia Cooperi

Hawaorthia Cooperi looks like many green bubbles carved out of fleshy leaves belonging to the succulent family. These are attractive indoor house plants with a unique appearance. These plants are see-through plants, and that is the best part that looks like pearls in a homely setup.

Club Moss

The Club Moss is the perfect terrarium plant. It grows great in low light conditions and does require humidity to thrive. Although, it keeps a compact size.

Ensure you water frequently and don’t allow the soil to dry out. This plant does need at least 50% humidity and is not a good idea if you live in a very dry area.

Polka Dot Begonia

There are various types of begonia out there, and some look completely different. 

This plant doesn’t require full sunlight, so any place or window works great for it. So not overwater this, and allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

Final Words

These were some unusual indoor plants that help you create a natural environment and make your home look heavenly. So, make your home more calm, lively, and a happier place with these incredibly wonderful and strange indoor house plants.