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6 Best Products to Remove Hard Water Stains


Whether it’s your washroom or kitchen sink, glass or mirror, hard water stains are truly a menace. Despite constantly scrubbing and rubbing them, you may feel like they don’t seem to go away. However, the problem probably lies with the cleaner that you’re choosing.

Not all products work well in getting these stubborn stains off, which is why we have brought you the six best products to remove hard water stains.

1.    Bring It On Cleaner

Packaging in a plain white bottle with a simple label is the Bring It On Cleaner. Despite having a rather plain appearance, this hard water stain cleaner contains a plethora of information regarding the surfaces it cleans and how to use it.

This cleaner can be used on various surfaces and for different purposes, especially to remove water stains. It effectively cleans pans, pots, coffeemakers, outdoor grills, and eliminates water stains from metal and stone.

The Bring It On Cleaner contains oxygen bleach, which is commonly associated with being toxic or harmful. However, this isn’t true at all. Oxygen bleach is different from chlorine bleach as it is safe and non-toxic. Therefore, this water stain cleaner is free of any harmful chemicals.

Not only is the Bring It On Cleaner easy to use, but it also comes with a fantastic fresh mint scent. However, the only concern about this cleaner is that it takes some time for the oxygen bleach to set in and penetrate the dirty exterior. Therefore, it will take at least a good ten minutes to see good results.

2.    CLR Rust Remover (Pro)

The CLR Rust Remover (Pro) comes with an attractive yet not-so-flashy label. The initials of this product aren’t related to the company in any way but are related to the substances it can remove: calcium, lime, and rust.  The CLR Rust Remover is great for cleaning various materials, such as ceramic, steel, glass, cement, chrome, brick. Even with the most minimal effort, this cleaner can make hard water stains vanish.

The CLR Pro can also be used to wash toilets, coffeemakers, washing machines, toilets, and dishwashers. Moreover, it can also be paired with power washers to cleanse surfaces effectively. Not only is the CLR Pro biodegradable, but it is also non-toxic and safe to use for plumbing or outdoors.

3.    Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

The Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover is the product that you’ve been searching for to restore things around your house back to their normal appearance. While the packaging of this cleaner is quite simple, the label evidently shows how the product works.

This remover is quite potent, helping remove any and all impurities such as hard water stains, mold, calcium, rust, and mildew, even if they have been on any surfaces for years. The Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover cleans various surfaces such as faucets, mirrors, toilets, shower doors, windshields, etc., so effectively that they appear almost new.

One of the best aspects of the Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover is that it can seal and protects surfaces from water stains for a three to four months. Also, this great water stain remover is also pretty safe for the environment. Despite being an abrasive compound, this cleaner doesn’t contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients and doesn’t emanate any foul smell.

4.    CLR Fresh

The CLR water stain remover is a great cleaning option for both kitchens and bathrooms. Since this product is packed in a spray bottle, you don’t need to pour or spread it on a surface for cleaning. This great cleaner allows you to get rid of any impurities from surfaces, including hard water stains, soap scum, dirt, rust, calcium, and lime.

CLR fresh can be used to clean floors, toilets, sinks, glass, and even countertops. It is a super-safe solution that doesn’t contain any ammonia, phosphate, or bleach. Also, this product is biodegradable. The only problem is that the CLR Fresh doesn’t smell too fresh; it gives out a pretty strong and unpleasant odor.

5.    3D Eraser

As the name suggests 3D Eraser, is known to be an eraser for hard water stains. With its sleek packaging, this remover is a good option for removing water stains from cars, boats, and other vehicles. This magical cleaner helps wipe down surfaces made of metal and glass and is also safe to use on all colored cars.

This product is meant to be spread on a surface with a towel or cloth and then is supposed to be rinsed off with water. Even though this product is slightly acidic, it is made out of 100% natural ingredients.

6.    AMAZ 11107

The AMAZ 11107helps get rid of the toughest of stains. Whether they are hard water spots, mineral deposits or oxidation, this cleaner works great! The AMAZ 11107 is a biodegradable product that doesn’t contain any bleach, acids, chlorides, or any other toxic ingredients.

This product can be used on various surfaces such as pool areas, glass doors, stovetops, patio, bathtub enclosures, toilet fixtures, or any other place where there are water stains. Since the AMAZ 11107 doesn’t contain any chemicals, it can safely be used in non-ventilated areas without the need to put on protective equipment.

The AMAZ 11107 is also dye and fragrance-free, so you don’t have to worry about any foul odor. Moreover, due to its deep-cleaning abilities, this cleaner penetrates surfaces deeply, removing unwanted stains and restoring them back to their original form.

How To Remove Hard Water Stains?

Hard water stains typically occur in the kitchen or bathroom on glass, tiles, or metal surfaces. While many people choose to opt for home remedies, it’s important to know that they won’t be as effective as a hard water stain cleaner especially meant for that purpose.

All you need to remove hard water stains are three things:

    • A sponge or a scrub pad
    • A water stain remover
    • Dry towel

You just need to start by dipping the sponge in a little water and then the water stain remover. Proceed onto rubbing the stain with the dipped sponge until the stain vanishes. Then, simply wipe it off with a clean and dry towel.


All the above-listed are the six best products to remove hard water stains that are easily available on Amazon.