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What Color Should You Paint Your Front Door?


Are you finding yourself second-guessing the color of your front door? After all, it is the first element people notice when they visit your house. The front entrance serves as a welcoming signal to receive visitors. Even though you can paint your front door with any color of your choice, there are a few things to consider when picking the best shade of exterior paint. With some specific suggestions, you can make your front door either stand out or blend in, or a gratifying design style, depending on the statement you want your door to make. 

Besides, if you reside in an older and more traditional home, repainting a shabby and worn front door is an easy weekend job that may score you bonus points for your curb appeal.

In this article, we’ll help you to figure out which color best fits your personality and needs. 


You may be thinking that coral pink would be a troublesome color to pull off. However, it looks right at home, matched with a pasty cream brick. Photographers and home designers love unique front door colors, as they stand out from the rest of the house, creating a more beautiful impact. Therefore, painting your front door with coral pink is an attractive option, especially with a neutral, light color as a companion. 

Sky Blue

Color expert and home stylist McLean advises that when you cannot determine what shade to paint your front door, look at the sky for inspiration. Apply nature as an incentive for painting your front door. Sky blue is a relaxing color that portrays a welcoming aura to guests. Besides, blue shades easily blend with the natural greens around the house, making your curb appeal highly attractive. 

Bright Red

Nothing stands out better than a front door painted in a bold color like red. Red goes perfectly for a front door because it is fun to watch and becomes the very first thing you see in a home. Besides, a red front door is considered a “welcome” sign according to an American tradition. Bright colors like red will assuredly add a unique touch to your house at a low cost. 

Navy Blue

Consult any color specialist, and they will likely suggest the same: Vintage navy blues such as the Very Navy by Behr is neutral yet versatile as it adds an eye-catching touch. Navy blue is a fabulous choice for your front door and even the shutters, according to Woelfel. The shade looks even more magical when paired with white or light-colored shades due to its brilliant contrast. 


A yellow-colored front door immensely ups your curb appeal, adding a wow-factor to the overall exterior look of your house. Not just that, but yellow doors also convey logic and creativity, making it an even more suitable color option. However, if you are hesitant about painting a bright yellow, go for mustard yellow or pale yellow, giving a relatively more subtle appearance. 


A chic and glossy coat of black paint can make a brilliant impact on your front door. It is a timeless and classic color, making that desired royal statement. In addition to that, a black door resembles a sense of elegance and grace that strengthens your house’s energy. Since using black color in your interior design is often criticized, you can fulfill your love for the color by painting your front door with it.

Wooden Brown

We all know that brown is an earthy color and is often chosen for the front door. That’s because Brown represents a sense of warmth, reliability, and stability, just like the Earth. Besides, spiritual knowledge suggests that brown-colored doors bring luck, especially if your house is east-facing. But regardless, having a brown door can indeed spice up your home’s attractiveness. 


Blue and Green are two of the most desired front door colors, not just because they are appealing but also because they increase the house’s selling price. It may seem a little unusual, but it’s ideal if you hold big hopes and dreams, believe that anything and everything is possible, and crave emotional balance. In other terms, if you are a romantic. Besides, this beautiful color is associated with calmness and trust. 

Muted Green

Green is one of the most natural colors, and therefore, painting even a small portion of your house’s exterior adds the bonus of making your home blend into the surrounding nature. Erika Woelfel, a paint expert, states that a muted green shade generates a soothing entrance for welcoming your loved ones. Besides, it automatically sets up a calming aura for the rest of your house too. 

Blush Pink

Painting your front door with a soft and sweet color like blush pink will not only drastically beautify your curb appeal but will also add a hint of meaning to your house. A pink colored front door implies thoughtfulness, creativity, and cheer, automatically setting up a festive atmosphere. Blush pink successfully makes a subtle statement, especially when paired with beige or white trims. 


A white-colored front door adds a sense of freshness to the house, and the color never goes out of style. A white door expresses that you exhibit the quality of cleanliness and are highly organized. It is a simple color, adding a serene touch, and looks super elegant when paired with bright colored trims. 


In a nutshell, your front door‘s color holds great significance because it is usually the first thing that visitors notice in your house and is seriously considered by potential home buyers as well. Coloring your front door is an inexpensive yet impactful means of home improvement. Therefore, make sure that you thoughtfully choose the color and make the best out of it.