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7 Creative Uses For Beeswax


You use honey produced by bees to whip up your delicious recipes and prepare DIY face masks, but do you know these bees have another sticky material you can use in countless ways? This sticky material is beeswax designed by bees to make a honeycomb.  When beekeepers make honey, the extract material leftover is beeswax. After extracting beeswax from honey production, beekeepers melt it and sell it online.  

Beeswax is one of the old and reusable materials used for ages and never goes out of style. For making anything with beeswax, you need a massive amount of beeswax. You can use this beeswax to produce or prepare different products in many creative ways. You can use it as a home cleaning product to beauty routine to chemical-free body product to use in cooking. Beeswax is a zero-waste option; you can use it in many ways to encourage health around your home or in you. This beeswax is the best alternative with excellent benefits if you want a plastic-free life. You can prepare many creative items by using quality beeswax with other ingredients. 

Beeswax For Food Protection Or Beeswax Wrap

As we all know, plastic is not suitable for our environment and health. So keep your food fresh and hygienic. You can use beeswax wraps to protect or cover your food instead of using aluminum foil and cling film. You can buy beeswax wraps online or make them on your own. The best beeswax wraps are reusable, composable, and washable products made with beeswax, cotton, and a few other natural ingredients. You can make your reusable beeswax wrap by below-mentioned steps:

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, 100% Cotton Fabric Cloth, Organic Beeswax Pellets, And Pine Resin

Equipment: Scissors, Cheese Grater, Parchment Paper, Oven, Paintbrush, Baking Sheet, Binder Clips, Needles, Thread, String, Tape Measure

Process To Make A Beeswax Wrap 

a.) Set your oven to preheat at 225F.

b.) Cut the cotton cloth in the preferable size (small, medium, large).

c.) First, lay the baking sheet, place parchment paper, and place your cotton cloth.

d.) Prepare a mixture of jojoba oil, beeswax, resin and sprinkle it on the top of the cloth. 

e.) Put the baking sheet into the preheated oven and bake it until the mixture put on cloth is fully melted. Approximately 5-15 minutes to melt out properly.

f.) Now, use a paintbrush to spread the mixture evenly over the cloth. You can apply the mixture by taking out the sheet and then putting it back into the oven.

g.) After baking, take out the baking sheet from the oven, lift the sheet from the wraps, and hang the beeswax wrap aside to cool down.

Use It To Wax 

Prepare homemade wax to remove hair from your skin. For preparing homemade wax, put equal amounts of beeswax and coconut oil into the container and melt it properly.

Wood/ Furniture Polish

To protect your home’s wooden furniture, you can use beeswax to polish them. To prepare homemade wood/furniture polish, you need only two ingredients: one part beeswax and three parts of coconut oil or olive oil, or mineral oil. Put both components into the container, over heat, and boil it until it converts into a melted mixture. Apply the blended mixture on wooden furniture gently with the help of a clean cloth. 

Use To Make Candles

With beeswax, you can make homemade candles for your home. But if you prepare it in your home, you have control over the things going on while making candles. Below we will discuss the process of making lemon candles for your home.

Ingredients: A Block Of Organic Beeswax, A Wooden Spoon, Citronella Oil, Lemon, A Knife, Wooden Wicks, And A Double Boiler

The Process To Make Candles: 

a.) Firstly, cut the lemon in two equal parts and then squeeze out the pulp from that so that you can get an empty peel.

b.) Put the pieces of beeswax in a double boiler after putting some water into the boiler. Heat it until it melts properly.

c.) In one cup of melted wax, add one drop of citronella oil, then stir again.

d.) Attentively dip the tip of the wick into the melted wax and try to affix the wick into the center of the lemon cup. 

e.) Pour or put extra melted beeswax into your lemon peels and set aside to cool down your new candle overnight. 

Beeswax Soap

Beeswax is perfect for preparing homemade beauty products like soap, lip balm, hand creams, moisturizers, barrier creams, lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow, and mustache wax. Today we discuss how to prepare beeswax soap at your home. 

Equipment Needed: Digital Scale, Immersion Blender, Stainless Steel Pan, Large Bowl, Measuring Spoons, 6-Cavity Silicone Mold,  Infrared Thermometer,  And Heatproof Jug

Ingredients: Lye Water- 64g Sodium Hydroxide And 121g Distilled Water. Liquid Oils- 97g Sunflower Oil, 98g Olive Oil, 50 G Castrol Oil. Solid Oils- 67g Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil, 135g Coconut Oil, 7g Beeswax. Melted Oils- 10g Natural Honey, 8g Oatmeal 

*Warning: Before starting making beeswax soap, make sure that you wear pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and close-toe shoes. Put gloves on your hands and goggles for eye protection.

Process To Make Beeswax Soap: 

a.) Firstly, put the sodium hydroxide into the water and mix it well. Be careful because there is a lot of steam and heat during this. 

b.) Put a stainless steel pan on low heat and melt solid oils in it. When it melts appropriately, take it out from the heat and put it on a potholder. Now put liquid oils and mix it well. 

c.) After preparing lye solution and oil solution. Now check the temperature. For making brown soap, you need to cool them both to 130F/ 54C. 

d.) In a pan of oils, pour honey first and then a lye solution.

e.) In a pan, dip the immersion blender and, now with it, mix the mixture; next, bring the blender to the center of the pan and blitz it for a couple of seconds. Now turn off the blender and mix the soap batter with a blender. Repeat this process until the mixture becomes thicker (like thin custard). 

f.) Now, you need to do work quickly, mix oatmeal into the mixture and pour the batter into the soap mold. Sprinkle a small amount of oatmeal on the top of the soap.

g.) Set the mold aside in a cool place for two days. You can put it into the fridge overnight if you need it earlier. 

h.) After 48 hours, pop up the soap from the mold. Now cure by leaving the bar in the space away from sunlight for 28 days. 

i.) After making it, you can save it for two years.

Prevent Rust

To protect your house, metal objects like hand tools or shovels coat them with a beeswax layer to prevent rust. You can also rub beeswax on screws and nails to protect them from rust. 

Waterproof Your Shoes

Beeswax can be waterproof. To waterproof your canvas or leather shoes, just rub beeswax all over the material after putting or rubbing beeswax heathen up with a hairdryer until the wax layer melts appropriately.


Beeswax is an excellent extracted material, which can be helpful in many ways. Today buy your beeswax and prepare your homemade products free of chemicals and natural.