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Products For Waterproofing Your Clothing


If your clothing items are waterproof, then make sure you maintain their durability by periodically using waterproofing products. Waterproofing sprays add an extra layer of durability to your gear. By utilizing these waterproofing products, you can add years to your gear’s life. Continue reading to learn about the best products to waterproof your gear. 

Rust-Oleum Waterproofing Spray 

If you plan to use these waterproofing spray-on shoes made on leather, suede, or canvas, it is very effective, prevents staining, and has long-lasting performance. It is entirely free from harmful chemicals like silicone, and it is an excellent choice for sensitive fabrics which get easily damaged by harsh chemicals. It does not bring about any change in appearance or the feel of the materials. It not only repels water but is also beneficial for repelling ice and mud. The application bottle is also quite simple to use, and it’s easy to apply even layers. 

Kiwi Camp Dry

The waterproofing spray is quite affordable, and anyone can access it with ease and is very effective. When applied on the surface, it allows to keep the surface dry, and it’s equally effective on a surface that has been waterproofed before. It works particularly well for hiking shoes, boat covers, and furniture. Another feature worth complimenting is that one can spray on shoes and other breathable material. One might come across and sense a strong smell that resembles the smell of paint, which can make someone feel uncomfortable for a while, but it is still very effective and a good product worth giving a shot. 

Nikwax TX Waterproofing Spray

It is one of the best options for boosting the water repellency of your outdoor clothing. It is safe to use them on jackets, tops, ski jackets, and even sleeping bags. Even it works well for sophisticated fabric materials like Gore-Tex. It leaves no stain on the application as the solution is entirely water-based. The Nikwax spray does not contain any harmful toxins like PFCs perfluorinated compound or any volatile organic compound making the spray environmentally friendly and still very effective. The product does not cause clogging of the pores of the material of your clothes. 

Scotchgard Waterproof Spray

A single application of this specific waterproofing spray has good durability and protects the surface with water, and keeps them dry for a long time. One can easily use it on fabrics like cotton, nylon rayon, suede, leather, not only fabrics, but you can also use it on furniture and backpacks. It is ideal to use this spray for application in an outdoor space due to the pungent odor of the chemical, which starts fading over time. It may or may not leave the stain on application, and once applied, a double coat is perfect for waterproofing. 

Grangers Repel Waterproofing Spray

Granger’s performance repels solution can restore the waterproof coating on anything water-resistant. Another advantage of this one is that it is light, but it does not interfere with the material’s ventilation or clog the textile. Consequently, you can use it to completely waterproof your jacket. This waterproof clothing spray is water-based and free of fluorocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for excellent user protection. In this regard, it’s one of the most ecologically responsible waterproof sprays we’ve evaluated. 

Fabric Guard 303 Spray

The 303 Fabric Guard is a dependable spray that can protect any sort of furniture, coverings, or canvas. The 303 Fabric Guard also works well as a stain repellent for oil-based problems. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned if you spill something on the cloth. Almost any surface, including synthetics and natural fabrics, is safe to use with the formula. This weatherproof spray is designed specifically for lawn furniture, ensuring that heavy rain won’t harm the textile. Everything keeps it dry and ensures that the clothes retain their natural color. 

Scotchgard And Sun And Water Repellent Spray

Scotchgard Shield also provides superior UV protection for your outdoor gear. This way, you can protect yourself from both the sun and the rain with a single item. It keeps everything from sun canopies to furnishings and watercraft covers dry and avoids color fading better than just about any other product. The Scotchgard spritz arrives in an easy-to-use aerosol container. The highly durable formula is intended for use on products frequently exposed to the weather. It provides outstanding stain and moisture repellency to almost any organic textile, including genuine leather, by blocking both harmful UV rays, resisting discoloration, and blocking both UVA and UVB rays. It leaves no lasting aroma when dry, and the material feels and looks the same.

Star Brite Waterproofing Spray

The marine-grade solution is strong enough to protect boat tops and covers, tents of all types, and virtually all other natural fabrics. Star Brite is also available in substantial one-gallon canisters, in addition to the compact spray bottle. If you have got a lot of outdoor areas that need to be protected, this is an excellent low-cost solution. The Star Brite was spraying waterproof, and stain repellent inhibits mold growth from forming by keeping the surface dry. This is a well-known concern with exterior textiles. Thus this solution focuses on preserving fabric integrity and preventing degeneration for a lengthy period. 


Waterproofing is an essential tool and can help you save a lot of money and time. All the products have been evaluated based on their use and durability. Waterproofing sprays can degrade over time, and its effect does not last long. This is true with whether you buy an expensive product or a cheap one. Therefore, finding a durable and good product is significant.