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Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks


It’s a lot of work cleaning your house, but it doesn’t have to be too hard. There are a few tips and tricks that will make your life easier when it comes to carpet cleaning!  You know the drill: vacuum often, spot clean stains as you see them, and steam-clean carpets once a year to remove dirt and grime. But there are some secrets that even the most seasoned maids don’t know about keeping their home looking its best! These hacks can help you keep your floors sparkling – without all the effort.  

Use A Lint Roller

Even after vacuuming, there are crumbs and hair of pets or humans which the vacuum can not clean properly. So you can use a lint roller to rid these crumbs and hair from the carpets. No doubt, for cleaning with a lint roller, you need to make some effort and go on your hands and knees to remove stubborn particles. But this is an effective way to rid these particles. If your carpet is small, it takes only 5-6 minutes to clean the whole carpet with a lint roller.

Use Baking Or Club Soda To Remove Stains

If there are any stains of wine and beer on your carpet, then use club soda to remove it properly. Pour club soda on any clean cloth and then rub it on the stain to lighten the spot. If there is a thick oil stain on your carpet, use baking soda to clean your carpet. First, sprinkle baking soda on the spot or stain and leave it to absorb the stain. Then pour hot water and dab with a clean towel to absorb oil.

Shaving Cream Removes Normal Dirt Stains

Lighter carpets get dirt patches or stains because of high traffic, careless accidents, and dust accumulation. If you want to remove these stains from your carpet in your budget, use regular shaving cream. Apply or rub shaving cream on the stain directly and let it sit for at least 25-30 minutes when the cream has set, then clean it with a clean and dry cloth. Finish up the cleaning by spraying a mixture of white vinegar with water (mix 50% water and 50% white vinegar), then wipe or clean up the solution with a dry cloth. 

Clean Carpets With White Vinegar

If you are cleaning rugs, take precautions to protect the floor beneath the rug from moisture damage. Firstly, vacuum the carpet to remove loose dust, soil, debris, and dirt. Then start the process of removing stains like pet accidents, tar, oil, etc. Prepare a mixture by mixing ¼ cup white vinegar and ¾ cup cold water in the spray bottle. After preparing the mixture, spray the vinegar solution on the carpet stain. Let the solution sit for 5-6 minutes. Then use a microfiber cloth to remove or clean the stains and soil. Take a bucket of water to rinse the cloth and then again use it on spots. Change the water if it becomes soiled. Then open windows and doors and increase fans’ speed in the room to air dry the carpet. Don’t walk on the carpets until it dries properly. 

Remove Gum With Ice

Gum is not a good thing on the carpet because it takes carpet fiber with it when you remove it. So removing gum from the carpet without any damage looks like an impossible task. But don’t worry, you can remove the gum with ice cubes.

Put ice cubes on the gum for 30 to 40 seconds when it converts into solid frozen. Then take a spoon to pull it out or lift it and cut it with a scissor or knife. If you want that spot to look undetectable, then cut a small amount of carpet fiber.

Use An Iron To Remove Stains

Firstly, start with vacuuming the carpet to remove hard particles from the stained areas. Then, apply the mixture of white vinegar and water (¼ cup vinegar and ¾ cup water) on the stain and let it sit for five minutes. Then, put a towel or clean cloth on the stained area and apply the preheated iron. The stain should come up and soak into the towel. 

Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Blood Spots

Firstly, to remove blood spots, clean up dried blood using water with a mild detergent on the spot. Then, use a butter knife to remove or pull out as much as possible from the carpet fiber. Then apply full-strength hydrogen peroxide to the area directly. The solution will start reacting immediately (foam and fizz). Wait for some time, then clean up the hydrogen peroxide solution and remaining blood with paper towels or a clean cloth. 

DIY Carpet Cleaners

For an effective carpet cleaner, mix four tablespoons of all-purpose liquid cleaner, two tablespoons translucent liquid detergent, one scoop of oxygen bleach, one teaspoon of fabric softener, and a gallon of water. Apply this homemade cleaner on small areas of the carpet and let it sit for some time. Then scrub it with a stiff bristle brush and clean it.

For a kid-friendly and non-toxic carpet cleaner, mix one cup white vinegar, a few drops of essential oil, two teaspoons of salt, with two cups of warm water. Add this into a spray bottle and use it as a homemade cleaner for carpet cleaning. This DIY solution not only cleans the carpet but also gives a fresh smell to it. 


Carpet cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. It can be a little intimidating, but the tricks above will make your life easier and make the process more enjoyable for you! The carpet hacks above will work on any kind of carpet you have in your home. Happy Scrolling!