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How To Recycle Your Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds are a great way to start your day. They give you that extra boost of energy and caffeine, but what do you do with the used coffee grounds? It turns out there are tons of ways to recycle them! Even if you do not brew coffee at home, coffee shops and cafes and an abundance of coffee grounds will give it away without any hesitation. Look at these eight ways to recycle your coffee grounds and make the best use of them.

A Natural Cleansing Scrub

Coffee grounds have a coarse and rough texture that acts as a perfect exfoliating agent to help you get rid of dead cells and pores filled with dirt. In addition, the caffeine component is a potent antioxidant that helps replenish and provides protection from harmful skin rays. To use coffee grounds as an exfoliator, mix it with coconut oil or honey and gently scrub it with your bare hands on your face and body.

A Natural Dye

Spilled coffee stains always leave a permanent mark on your clothes. Therefore, these stains are stubborn, and you can use them as an inexpensive natural dye to color rayon, cotton linen, or even paper. You can also use a tinge of coffee color to dye your hair. Using leftover coffee grounds, one can even use them to paint their pots and pans with a vintage style.

A Natural Meat Tenderizer

Tenderize meat with coffee and other spices and let it marinate for two hours at least before you set it to cook. Salt, vinegar, and papaya are the most popular items to tenderize meat naturally. But, to your surprise, coffee grounds can also be meat tenderizers. The grounds will help break down protein and muscle fibers that give the meat its tough consistency. The acidic nature of coffee will also enhance the meat adding to the unique flavors.

A Natural Hair Booster

Did you know that coffee can boost your hair and stimulate hair growth? Coffee’s coarse texture works efficiently to scrub out dead hair follicles. Some animal and human studies have also revealed that the caffeine component of coffee causes an increase in blood flow and leads to accelerated blood flow.

Natural Neutralizers

Coffee grounds are highly evident in neutralizing foul odors caused explicitly due to sulfur and carbon. Since coffee contains nitrogen, it eliminates this odor by absorbing it thoroughly. Coffee beans can also act as natural air fresheners to deodorize your environment.

A Natural Flea Remover

No matter how hygienic you are, fleas for your household pets are a common sight, especially if your pet hangs around with their play partners. Though there are many flea removal shampoos and products, they most often contain chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. To use it as a flea removal product, gently scrub the coffee grounds throughout the pets’ body after shampooing and washing it thoroughly with water. Coffee will also add a shining coat to your pets’ fur.

A Natural Pesticide

Coffee contains compounds such as diterpenes and caffeine, a natural pesticide and insecticide, killing harmful insects. Mix them with water and sprinkle them around your garden or corners to keep mosquitoes, fruit flies, and beetles at bay. You can even add neem oil to these mixtures. Together both of these components make a potent pesticide.

A Natural Fertilizer

Composting is an organic way to transform food leftovers into beneficial fertilizers that enhance the growth of your garden. Natural fertilizers add to the nutrient availability of the soil, making it hold more nutrients and water. For example, add coffee grounds to your kitchen waste and let it compost for some time. Then, use this as a natural fertilizer to nourish your garden soil.

The Bottom Line!

So next time you’re filtering coffee and have some grounds available, do not discard them. Instead, put it for better use. Mix grounds and use them wherever you want to. Then, recycle coffee to make the best use of it because as delicious and intriguing coffee is, it’s excellent to recycle even the leftover beans and grounds.