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Common Appliances You Should Deep Clean


Cleaning, especially a deep one, is the most dreaded task, irrespective of what time of year it is. It is even more dreadful when it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of household appliances. Do you remember the last time you deep cleaned your large kitchen appliances? It is not just necessary for a clean, hygienic, fresh-smelling kitchen but also to make them work for longer.


Begin with cleaning the insides of your oven. Pull out the racks and remove any loose food at the bottom of the surface. Spray an artificial detergent or one made from natural ingredients in the oven. 

Let the cleaner stay in the oven for a few hours but if it is filthy, then leave it for a night. Wipe it with paper towels. Finish by removing all the residues through a moist cloth. Don’t forget to clean the heating drawer. 

To get rid of the oily cooking stains from the backplate and stove, use an elbow degreaser. Choose the cleaner depending on whether it’s an oven with burners or flat glass.


Life without a refrigerator seems impossible in this world. So cleaning is essential to maintain hygiene.  

To deeply clean the refrigerator, begin with throwing out food that has already expired. Next, remove all shelves, racks, and drawers and clean them with hot soapy water. Next, start cleaning the refrigerator from inside with a cleaner from top to bottom. Put the drawers back once they are dry. 

Now, for cleaning the fridge from outside: Grab a stool to clean the upper part of the refrigerator. Next, move the fridge and vacuum the sides, front and back, to suck up the dirt completely. 


It is among the most-used electric appliances in every kitchen. But sometimes, food splatter all over the machine, making it a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, especially the exterior.

Invest in a high-quality degreaser. Scrub the area above the stove with your degreaser. Clean and sanitize the handle and exterior area with an antibacterial wipe after every use to avoid the breeding of germs. 

Take some lemon slices and water in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave it for around 3 to 5 minutes until the water boils. This will create natural de-greasing steam releasing any residue for an easy clean-up. 

Washing Machine

Although washing the washing machine may seem stupid, studies have shown that bacteria on clothes can accumulate in the washing machine over time. Cleaning the washing machine is simple. Take white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water and run an empty cycle of your machine to kill all the bacteria. It should at least be done once a month. To maintain the freshness of the clean machine for a long time, remember to leave the lid open after each use to let the machine dry out from inside to prevent mold formation.


We often miss the splatters and spillage of cooking on top of the stove and the buildup of all the food debris in the oven, but over time this can result in the buildup of unwanted bacteria. 

After each use, use available detergents and a microfiber cloth to clean the oven. The front of the oven and control panel should be cleaned once a week. Most ovens are self-cleaning but require maintenance every three months. Depending on how often you use it, you may need to clean it. Make sure to remove and clean the rack separately and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.


A dishwasher is another appliance that seems to be free from maintenance. It does a fantastic job of cleaning dishes quickly, but pieces of food and bacteria remain and create unpleasant and unwanted smells, making it less effective over time. 

Cleaning a dishwasher to get rid of these smells is necessary. After each use, check the drain below the lower grid for any food remains; this will prevent drain clogging. Next, spray a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and water to ensure it remains fresh and clean between washes. Do clean the dishwasher approximately once a month by running a cycle with a cup filled with white vinegar and hot water for deep cleaning. 


These all appliances are an essential part of our life. Life without them would be complicated and complex. So to maintain hygiene and increase their lifetime, cleaning them is very important. We have provided you with a list of appliances and the ways to clean them. So take your supplies, and kick start your cleaning!