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Are You Over Cleaning ?


Cleaning is an unavoidable task, and though some people do it with enthusiasm, others just “do” it. While both of these ways are understandable and okay, people often misinterpret cleaning as something that can never be completed or accomplished enough, overlooking how overcleaning is a term too. 

Yes, certain items are often subject to overcleaning rather than under cleaning, something that is as bad, laborious, and time-taking. What are those? Check the list below to check five such items and if you are guilty of overcleaning them as well or not. And well, if you belong to category 2, of those who do not like cleaning, you will find at least one less thing to worry about. 


Smudges, fog, dirt, etc., on mirrors are annoying, to say the very least, for first, they deprive one of the clear looks of oneself, and secondly, it means the mirror needs cleaning, yet something not everyone likes doing. However, are you sure you are not rubbing your mirror way too often?

The moisture from the glass cleaners one uses to spray down and wipe the mirrors actually destroys their backings, which in turn is more damaging to the mirror in the long run than the annoyance caused by a couple of streaks here and there. If you must, use a dry cloth and gently wipe the mirror each day. 

Wooden Furniture And Kitchen Counters

There is perhaps little competition when it comes to the aesthetics served by wooden items around the house, especially furniture and counters. However, as much as you would like to maintain that shiny wooden polish on all of them, using a wood spray polish or a cleaner every time you wipe them down can pretty much have the opposite effect.

It is because the wood spray polishes instead of removing dust, traps it, something you do not want happening in the slightest. The same is with the cleaners and their chemical side effects. 

A soft dry cloth for furniture and wipes such as Clorox disinfecting wipes for kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, etc., are a perfect choice. These all-purpose disposable wipes remove common allergens, germs, and messes, making everything much cleaner than alternatives. 

Plus point? They have a fresh scent, unlike chemical cleaners

Outfits You’ve Only Worn Once, Especially Bras

It is indeed a good habit to stay clean, sanitized, with fresh clothing, regular baths, etc. However, have you ever thought about the definition of fresh clothing and what happens to your clothes if you simply toss them in the washer after a single use? 

Well, to be precise, one can wear a piece of clothing at least thrice before washing them. That being said, frequent washing of clothes can cause them to wear out sooner than you expected, be it fading colors or loose fabrics. 

Bras, for example, often lose shape and fit if washed daily, something a lot of women struggle with.

Note – The washing routine may vary if you happen to sweat a lot or believe that something “must be washed.” What’s more, repeating clothes does not include underwear, as they must be washed regularly. 


There is, in fact, nothing like a clean house and carpet to brighten up the mood and overall feel of the home. But, again, vacuuming your carpet and getting them cleaned professionally are two rather different things. 

While vacuuming is something you can do daily, know that professional cleaning methods subject the rug and carpet fibers to a lot of wear and tear. Apart from decreasing their durability, the damage also makes the rugs susceptible to catching more dirt than before.

Your Hands

With the arrival of Sars Cov-2, cleanliness has gone beyond just food contact surfaces, home, office, classroom, pet area, dorm, etc. But while hand sanitizers have become an indisputable part of everyone’s lives, the several harmful effects of frequent use of so much alcohol and chemicals on hands is not something new either. 

Besides other wipes proven to kill the covid-19 virus, Clorox and Lysol disinfecting wipes make for a rather sound alternative in places where washing your hands with soap and water is not an option. 

These wipes clean and disinfect simultaneously, though one must dispose of wipes appropriately after use. Wipes are also available in several fresh scent options, such as lime blossom to choose from, making for a headache-free solution to chemical scents. 


Cleaning is integral, now more than ever, as the covid-19 virus continues to raise hell in several parts of the world. First, however, understand the difference between cleaning and overcleaning, and in cases where cleaning cannot be compromised, make sure to find alternatives that are not harsh, be it on skin or articles around the house. Happy Scrolling!