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Fun & Creative Fall Decoration Ideas


Fall is such a fun and exciting time of year. The leaves change colors, the weather begins to cool off, and there’s just something so comforting about curling up with a pumpkin spice latte in front of a fire while you prepare for the holidays that are sure to come soon. So we know what you’re thinking: “How am I going to decorate my home this season?” Never fear! We’ve compiled a list of fun and creative fall decoration ideas for your home that will make it feel like you lived near an apple orchard all year long!


Pumpkins are a classic fall decoration. They’re great because they last for quite some time and you can do so much with them! Here are just a few ideas: Display pumpkins on your porch to greet guests as they arrive at your house this season. Use small pumpkins as decorations around candles or light fixtures in the living room. Display them on your mantel over the fireplace, or use more giant pumpkins as decorations in corners of rooms or against walls. Nothing says fall like seeing pumpkins in and around your home!


Gourds are another excellent fall decoration that comes in different shapes and sizes. They’re easy to find at craft stores like Michaels or Joann’s if you don’t have time to go out searching for them yourself! Place the gourd on your front porch, over a window, in corners of rooms, under flower vases, or other small decorations…the possibilities are endless with these unique creations! We especially love using tiny gourds as cardholders by tying names onto twine and suspending it from within each one. You can even use larger ones for succulent planters! Make sure to get creative because every shape will look fabulous no matter what kind of decor arrangement you choose!


The pinecone is another classic fall decoration that you can use all season long! Here are just a few ideas: Make garland or string lights out of the small, medium, and large-sized pinecones to hang around windows or on railings in your home. You can also place pinecones in glass vases with tealight candles. Arrange them on tables or shelves as decoration.

Use them to decorate the mantle in your living room with a wreath made from pinecones and pumpkins for an extra pop of color, or display the wreath on your front door. If you want to combine them, you can display them by putting some into a basket with other fall favorites and placing it on your coffee table or scattering them around other fall decorations for an extra touch of elegance!


Collecting leaves is a fun activity to do with the family while out enjoying nature this fall. You can also purchase bags of autumnal colored leaves at craft stores if you don’t have time to go outside and collect some yourself! Display them in vases all over your house for an elegant look that screams “autumn.” Bundle up small twigs together using string or wire, and then wrap the bundle in natural-looking fabric like burlap to create rustic decor pieces perfect for every room in the house. The best part? You never have to water these little bundles because they’re naturally dried out!

Rubber Gloves

What can you do with rubber gloves? They may seem like they’re only suitable for cleaning, but we have some exciting ideas that will bring life into this autumn staple! Have you ever noticed that rubber gloves are just as effective at catching water droplets on the leaves of plants after showering them off? This is a fun way to display your favorite potted or hanging plants!

Fill up plastic buckets with water and then simply slip the glove over it. The “fingers” will create an exciting effect around each plant as they drip-drop onto the potting soil below. Use colorful rubber gloves for extra pizzazz, like those in bright neon colors, if you want something eye-catching! It doesn’t matter what kind of gloves you use because every shape and size creates its unique look when suspended above a potted plant. You’ll love how easy this decoration idea is to put together!


We love using apples as fall decorations because they’re so versatile! You can paint them different colors and use glitter to create a beautiful piece of wall art. Or, string them together to make a garland or even try your hand at making some cute little paperweights out of painted glass jars with lids on top.

To give the jar an extra autumnal touch, simply glue small pumpkins onto each lid! Place these adorable decorations around your house for an eye-catching look that will impress all your guests this season. Another fun idea using apples is to make a fall-themed wreath. Simply fold some leaves in half, stick them onto a wire with hot glue, and wrap it around an apple for a quick project that you can complete this season!


The bark is another great fall decoration to use if you’re looking for a rustic touch! You can cut the bark into different shapes and attach it to wooden planks that you can hang on your wall. For an even more fantastic effect, try painting the inside of each shape white before adhering them onto the wood panel with glue or a hot glue gun. These white-lined shapes will create a gorgeous effect when they’re hung up by your front door or above the mantle in your living room.

Another great way to use bark this fall is to place it around vases that you already have at home! You can also find beautiful planters made from small tree trunks at craft stores, but if those aren’t available, simply wrap some wire around one end of a longer piece of bark and bend it into shape, so it forms a stand on its own. Voila! Instant decoration without spending too much money!


These are just some of our favorite fall home decor ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your unique atmosphere in your house for autumn! Try out all these different decorations and see which ones become your favorites. You’ll be surprised at how easy most of them are to make or buy since they’re available at craft stores year-round no matter what time of the year it is. Happy decorating!