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Ten Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bill This Winter


When calculating in terms of money, the easiest way to keep your house warm and cozy is by making your house heat leakage-free. Did you know more than one-third of heat loss in a typical home occurs due to windows and doors? Air can seep in and out of your house through the cracks and gaps such as electrical outlets, attic hatches, etc. make sure to seal these outlets to keep warm air from getting out during winter. This will keep your house warm and will prevent cold air from coming in.

It is seen that caulking leaks can help save an average household 10 to 20 percent on cooling bills and annual heating. Small things such as closing curtains and installing weather-stripping windows also help reduce heat loss by 10 percent, which may n in terms of money, it rounds off for $83 per year. However, opening curtains during bright sunlight helps boost temperature through solar energy. Just make sure to close the curtains at night to trap the heat inside. 

Turn The Thermostat Down

Did you know that turning down your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees during nighttime will help you lower down your heating bills by approximately 10 percent? By turning down the thermostat, the idea isn’t to make your house a frozen popsicle, simply turning the thermostat down by a few degrees does the job and will save you a significant amount of money. 

Sweaters And Socks

Remember all those hoodies, sweaters, and socks you bought to wear in the winter? Well, it is time to put them to maximum use. Once you turn your thermostat down, the temperature drops, and you feel a bit chilly. Well, to combat that, you can always wear a hoody and a pair of socks. It is winter, after all. 

Use Comforters At Night

Once everyone is off to bed, you can lower the temperature by another few degrees. The blankets will keep you nice and warm, while the thermostat will not add to your bill. As mentioned above, turning the thermostat down can help you save up to 10% on energy bills. 

Close The Vents And Windows In Unused Rooms

Many homes have a room or two that they barely use, such as storerooms, guest rooms, etc. if you are wasting money on heating rooms that no one uses or even goes in, you are simply flushing money down the gutter. Make sure to close the vents, doors, and windows of all unused rooms and open them only when you have guests to entertain. 

Use Free Energy

Isn’t it satisfying when you get something for free without any baggage? Well, solar energy is just that. During the day, make sure to keep your windows and curtains open, especially when the sun is bright and crisp. The sunlight will make your home interiors warm and cozy, and you can always draw up the curtains once the sun goes down. 

Use Insulated Curtains

Once the sun goes down, you need to make sure that all that heat is trapped in, and the best way to avoid losing all that warmth is by using insulated curtains. Insulated curtains will keep the heat trapped in and will also prevent outside air from seeping in. 

Close Your Fireplace

The fireplace is an excellent way to stay warm during the winters and helps you cut back on energy bills, but it can add to the bill when not in use. When not in use, cold air can easily flow in your house through the chimney. Keep the damper closed when the fireplace is not in use used when considering your bedroom or kitchen. 

Use Ceiling Fans To Circulate The Air

Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air throughout the house and are a lifesaver during the summer seasons, but most people are ignorant that ceiling fans can also be used in the winter. Ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise, which helps push the air down, keeping the surroundings cool during summers. Did you know that modern ceiling fans also come with a reverse switch? The reverse switch enables the fan to rotate in a clockwise motion, which helps create an updraft. This updraft helps in displacing the hot air gathered at the ceiling into the room, making the chilly room warm and cozy. 

Make Use Of The Residual Oven Heat

During summers, it is advised to make minimum use of the oven as it heats the surroundings, but during the winter, especially with the baking, the oven heat can be used to your benefit. So, if you were to bake a tray of delicious homemade cookies, you might want to leave the oven door ajar. This will let the heat from the oven spread into the kitchen, keeping the appliance cool and the kitchen nice and hot.

In Conclusion

The exciting thing is that these tips, as mentioned earlier, help you save not only help you in saving money in the winter but also during the summers. The trick is simply to keep the outside air out and the inside air in. That is all it takes to minimize electric bills. If you make innovative use of the things at hand and put these tiny changes in motion, you can save big on the energy bills and maximize your savings.