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Easiest Way to Feng Shui Your Living Room


Feng Shui is practice is an ancient Chinese practice, which is all about channeling natural energy (known as chi) into our lives to bring about balance and comfort. It can be incorporated into any area of your life. After all, the home is a common one since it plays a huge role in our daily life.

When it comes to feng shui for the home, the living room is an integral area of focus. It’s the heart of the home and also where guests are seated. Doing up your living room in a feng shui manner will bring about good energy and will ensure a happier, healthier home. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of 10 of the easiest ways to feng shui your living room.

   1. Work With Color

Choosing the right color for your living room is an important component of feng shui. Different colors have different chis, which is why it’s essential that you pick a suitable color. A simple way for you to choose the color is to first look and what kind of energy you wish to bring about in your life (better health, more travel etc.). Then take a look at the various feng shui colors and see which one resonates the best with that. Listen to your intuition, if you get a good feeling about a certain color then go for it, in the same way, if a particular color doesn’t feel right then don’t use it.

   2. De-clutter Space

It is essential to minimize clutter in your living room according to feng shui belief to create space for chi to flow. If the energy that flows in your living room is good then it will create a welcoming space in your home that will bring good vibes.

Take a look at your living room and think about what is really needed, remove the excessive items. Remember, less is more so you don’t need to fill the space up in order for it to have an impact, the same effect can be created with much fewer items.

   3. Natural Lighting

A feng shui living room is known to be bright. Have plenty of open windows that bring in natural light. In the feng shui tradition, light is yang energy that boosts health and wellbeing. It is therefore important that you allow light to flow. If it’s not possible for you to have many windows, you can put mirrors as they reflect light making the room feel bright and open.

   4. Choose Balance

Harmony is key when it comes to feng shui principles. Therefore, the way in which you do it up must bring about that balance. No decorative piece or material should be overpowering so that the rest gets lost. Choose materials that help to balance out each other. For example, if you find that the furniture looks a bit overwhelming you can balance it out by throwing in some fluffy pillows. A few different textures and materials can help bring about that balance.

   5. Use Furniture With Round Corners

If the corners of your furniture are sharp and stick out into walkways then this can block the flow of chi in the room. Make sure not to choose furniture with corners that are threatening as that can make the living room feel uncomfortable. Your aim should be to keep the space open so that energy can flow, using circular tables and round furniture enables that and blocks out all negative energy.

   6. Have Plenty Of Seating

One of the aims of feng shui is to welcome guests and family members. Thus, the ideal feng shui living room will have plenty of seating available. That being said, you also don’t want to clutter the space too much. Be smart in your seating options, have a variety but make sure that it’s not overwhelming at the same time. Your living room should ideally be on the larger side so that it can accommodate everyone easily.

   7. Add Plants

Plants are an essential component of a feng shui living room. Of course, by this, we mean real plants and not artificial ones! Lush green plants will bring positive energy to your home. It’s simple yet so effective. Plants will also help you create that balance with other textures and materials. If you are worried about looking after them, choose ones that are low maintenance. Make sure to provide them with their basic needs (water, light, etc.) so that they can grow beautifully.

   8. Make It Comfortable

A feng shui living room needs to be airy and comfortable. So instead of focusing to make it extra fancy, just make sure that it’s comfy. For that, an important factor to consider is the layout of the space. Ensure that there are enough pathways for you to move comfortably throughout the room. The furniture should also be comfortable enough to sit on so that your guests feel at ease throughout their visit.

   9. Accessorize Carefully

Instead of throwing whatever pretty piece you find into your living room, make sure to mindfully select a few. Each of the items that you pick should be meaningful to you and should add value to your living room. The pieces should bring about good energy to the space. Your surroundings play a vital role in influencing your mood and thoughts whether consciously or subconsciously and therefore enough thought should be given to the way that you choose to decorate it.

   10. Strategic Fireplace

Your fireplace may as well be the focal point of your living room. Put some thought into placing it strategically as that will have a big impact on the rest of the space. Different areas of the room give off different energies so place it in the area whose energy you wish to highlight. For instance, placing it in the south or southwest part of the room will focus on romance and love.

Through these 10 simple tips and tricks, you can feng shui your living room in the easiest way possible. It doesn’t require much and will bring in lots of positive chi to your home!