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Help Protect The Honey Bee Population


Honey bees are excellent industrious pollinators that people exploit for their honey. Honey bees have been a source of natural organic sweetener, which is taken usually with snacks. The bee population has constantly been declining for the past ten years, so being bee-friendly is necessary to maintain the bee population. 

Buy Organic and Avoid Insecticides 

Buying organic grains and food items is not only good for your health but also supports farming methods that do not use insecticides. Insecticides are harmful chemicals that kill honeybees and are not safe for our bodies. 

Organic Gardens 

There are plenty of ways that you can adopt to protect the honeybee population. Growing natural organic is one of the easiest ways to help maintain the honeybee population. You can use barriers and repellents to keep insects at bay without harming insects and bees; many beneficial insects help keep bugs and other harmful insects at bay. You can avoid pests like mice, roaches, and fleas by using boric acid powder, which acts as a poison for unwanted ants, cockroaches, termites, etc. 

Plant The Favorite Flowers Of Bees 

With the increase in industrialization and the expansion of cities, the wildland has been decreasing. In this case, bees have to travel long distances in search of food and nectar. You can help them by planting their favorite flowers such as sunflowers, horsemint, purple coneflower, etc. Honeybees like many seasonal flowers. 

Buy Local Honey 

Commercial honey is not pure, and there are preservatives and artificial sweetening in them. Buying local honey is beneficial as it is pure, and the regional honey-beekeepers practice bee-friendly methods. 

Become A Beekeeper 

If you have the space to support bee-keeping, you must try bee-keeping and indulge in bee-friendly techniques if you are trying to grow your business with bee-keeping. It is fun and also profitable. You can also start by adopting a bee-hive.

Try Setting Up A Watering Hole

Just like us, even bees suffer from dehydration. Water is necessary for survival for all living creatures. Though unlike us finding a water source is not as easy for them. Bees work hard, and traveling a long distance in search of water dehydrates them, and they might end up dying of fatigue. So you can put water in a clear visible jar outside on your balcony to help the bees find a close water source. 

Spread The Word 

You can spread awareness and share this article with your friends who are interested in helping bees. Doing so will raise more awareness among people and help make this world a better place for wild honeybees. 

Let Some Weeds Grow

Letting some weeds grow will help retain the soil’s iron content, which is very helpful for bees. So growing weeds in a healthy amount is not a bad idea. Weeds like dandelions and clovers are very beneficial for bees and help them pollinate and help in honey production. These are also impressive poison-less pesticides that only give access to bees and beneficial bugs. 

Sign A Petition 

The easiest way to help protect the bee population is by signing a petition and spreading awareness about the declining population of honeybees. You can sign a petition to EPA regarding the use of harmful chemicals and insecticides during agriculture. This way, you are not helping your American country-men from suffering from food poisoning and other diseases, but you are also helping protect the wild pollinators. 

To sum up

The honey bee population is important for many different reasons, and it is up to us to help them. The ideas above are all simple and easy things you can start implementing to help out the honey bees. Bees help our ecosystem, and many living things depend on them to survive.