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Awesome Ideas For Your New Fence


Choosing the right fence is imperative as it is something you will see every day for some good years in your life. You most certainly do not want to end up with one that lets your nosy neighbors peek in or needs fixing after every stormy night. 

Apart from the safety and privacy they provide, fences are also a perfect way to uplift your property lines’ expression, whether it is a backyard fence or a privacy fence. However, there are certain things house owners need to in mind while deciding on the fence.

How To Find The Perfect Fence?

The Location 

The place that you live in significantly impacts the kind of fence that’s functional. You might like wooden fences, but the area might not support wood, or, worse, it might deteriorate the wood. In a situation like this, a metal fence or a block wall is what you will require.

Another location factor includes the country’s building code or homeowners association and its rules on the kind of fences that are allowed, their height, etc.

Your Budget And DIY 

There is nothing you cannot achieve if you decide on it, and even with the basic knowledge of fencing, you could easily install it yourself if on a tight budget. However, for the first-timers or those doubtful of the kind of sand and how the material might turn out, etc., having expert guidance is a must as you do not want to end up hurting yourself.

If on a low budget, you can recycle free material like pallets into fence wood. One could try accumulating the cost by cutting out on the height of the fence you are installing or the material and borrowing pieces of equipment instead of buying them.

The Fence Styles And Inspiration 

Though it is normal to have little to no clue what you want your fencing to look like, it is best to look for inspiration or trending fence styles on the internet beforehand to avoid any regrets later on. 

There are a plethora of fencing options to choose from; however, while in some cases where even a basic wooden fence might look beautiful and functional, there are times when complicated cuts and a modern look are precisely what your house needs. Below are ten brilliant and latest fence ideas that you must consider, as there is something for everyone, whether it’s a tight budget, material, or location.

Modernistic Wooden Garden Fence

This wooden fence is the ultimate choice if you wish to add that sleek and intriguing element to your house. The tiniest of gaps between the wooden slats fit perfectly in what you would call an architecturally rich building with a hint of modern. Choose this garden fence for that visually striking appeal and as a brilliant home-décor.

Bamboo Camouflage Cover for Chain Link Fences

Who doesn’t like bamboo as an aesthetically pleasing and creative solution to the fencing problem? And the chain link fences on which they are primarily supported give the place a sense of safety, especially in those areas where wild animals are frequented or have high vandalism rates.

The roll-out bamboo designs perfectly wrap around the chain link fence in its entirety as it is more bendable than wood and, at the same time, is adjustable. One can easily adjust a perfect height to the bamboo as per the requirements, and as a pro tip, keep them higher if one has nosy neighbors. Overall, they are gorgeous, practical, and character-provoking additions to your backyard.

Cedar Plank Fence

If you have money to spend and the wooden look is your pleasing aesthetic, this cedar fence is for you to consider. Cedarwood is one of the highest quality kinds of wood available in the market. It will make your property lines stand out of the ordinary with its deep woodsy shine and finish. One can try going for a look that is possibly taller than just enough to avoid peeks and also build in sections such as planks.

Sheet Metal And Wooden Fence Combination

What is the best you could do if you can’t decide if it is wood that would look good or if it is metal? Well, this fence designer met midway with these combo fence ideas.

Call it what you want, from classy to modern, woody, sleek, and even practical and safe. You could customize the fence in many ways by adding or mixing, and matching the wood and steel ratio, or keeping them balanced throughout. While the vertical look serves decently, a mismatch with horizontal and vertical boards is not that bad of an idea, while stainless steel does perfectly guard the line.

Low Vinyl Fence

We all have seen plenty of vinyl fences in our lives, and if not in real life, one must have seen them in a movie during a pool party. If you are not a big fan of fortress-like fences with a big build, a shorter white vinyl privacy fence is the one for you to try. You can easily decorate them with tons of simpler items, experiment with colors, and provide the right amount of privacy to your home without blocking the view of vaster skies.

A Solid Block Wall

A solid concrete or rock fence doesn’t have to be bland or boring, which is the first thought that strikes someone who wants the privacy they offer and does not put off the entire look for the house.

There are plenty of block wall options, which can look even classier than the natural wood ones above when perfectly assembled and designed. They can be both beautiful and brilliant at keeping the house well guarded in a place you’re not exactly sure of.

The Classy Picket Fence

Picket fences are not just fences but a memory of childhood for most, and for others, it is the classy cartoon shows that did the job. 

They are seemingly the best way to go if you are absolutely clueless, as in what would look good on the property lines of your beautiful home. They are classy, culturally rich, and easy to install, budget-friendly, and come with an element of joy and cheerfulness.

Moreover, if you have a friendly neighborhood, go and get your picket fencing done and wave at them right away.

Rustic Raw Wood Woven Wattle Fence

If you are especially intrigued by the idea of a rustic and very natural kind of look, and if you happen to have a beautiful garden to go with it, this wattle fence is a must-try for you.

These will create a feeling of some fantasy novel, while the waves of branches between the tree trunks will beautifully engulf the wholesomeness every homeowner wishes for. What’s more, there are no additions that you might require to support the look as they are plenty enough in the character they serve.

Modern Wood With Built-In Shelves

If you want your house fence to have a modern finish while being equally pleasant, efficient, multipurpose, and sleek, have a look at this decorative, fun version of a traditional wooden fence.

The particular look served with horizontal wooden boards, fencing lights for safety and aesthetic, and the shelves to make it unique, multipurpose, and green is the only thing you will need to maintain the revitalized look for years to come. They are also great for a house with a smaller backyard and much desire for the greens.

Partial Privacy Fence

These partial fences that cover a specific area in your garden and do not go along the entirety of your property lines are not here to disappoint. That is, if you have an especially safer neighborhood with no need for fencing or already have fencing, you do not wish to take off. These will give you a private arena in the backyard and make it easier to establish the front yard look and add character to the home.


There is no better type of fence than one that makes the home more lively and not just acts as a wall in-between. There are plenty of other fence ideas in the market one could consider installing as per their requirements and aesthetic. But, if you happen to have any fence style that is not on the list or particularly intriguing, pick your tools and go for it. You can always make it unique.