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Lawn Mowing Techniques That Will Save Time


Who doesn’t want their lawns to look good and attractive without putting in much effort? You don’t want to spend much time mowing, and when it comes to taking care of the lawn, the right way to mow the grass is very important. Every one of us loves to keep our property clean and attractive, but when it comes to mowing, none of us like it. You can use these smart tips that will save you time. 

Conquer The Edges First

First, you need to pay attention to the yard edges. A cardinal lawn or a full-service lawn in Ohio suggested taking two passes around the outside edge, so by doing this, you’ll have space to move around. By this, you can perform the work faster without any delay. 

Choose A Pattern

Mowing the grass in strips is one of the easiest and the most common patterns. You can pass, then give a 180-degree to give it twice overlapping. Keep repeating until you finish trimming the lawn. Keep alternating your directions each time you mow your property, so if you cut horizontally for a week, then the next time to cut it vertically. 

This technique is recommended by the lawn experts as the most used and the most effortless technique, and the most efficient one when mowing the lawn. After done with the edges, keep making passes in the circular motions until you make your way in the middle. Most lawn experts use this as the most efficient lawn mowing method that cuts your own and makes your lawn in rows.

Helpful Reminders

When you plan to mow, cut only one-third of the grass blades at a time. The grassroots will develop a deep roots system, and it will also provide the nourishment and the nutrients to the soil it needs. The best time to mow the lawn is in the early evening, as the property is often dry because of the intense sun rays, and it also gives plenty of time to recover before the next sun rays. 

Mix It Up

Whatever pattern you choose, mix all well each time you do. By doing this, you will prevent your grass from growing in one direction. Otherwise, your lawn will look less attractive, and it would make mowing difficult. 

Slow Growing Fescue

Some fescues require mowing only four to five times a year; you can choose from them as they have several varieties. If you plan to make a lawn or grow grass, you can start by sowing seeds of this grass, and if you are having some other grass planted already, you need to kill that grass first. 

No Mowing During Droughts

Mowing never asks for a regular schedule, especially in the summertime. Don’t mow when it is not required, as, at times of droughts, your grass will grow more slowly, so mow less often.

Invest In A Robotic Mower

There are accessible alternatives available for everything. Technology is amazing. There is an easy tech available if you want to unload your mowing chores. Invest in an excellent robotic mower to do the tasks for you. Self-dock is one of the best sophisticated robotic lawnmowers and has a sensor that you can set it and then forget it, and it will all do the work on its own.

Invest In Low Maintenance Landscaping Beds

By investing in low-maintenance grass, you can save your time. Think of investing in rock gardens, succulent beds, and your all good to go. They all require little maintenance.

Don’t Mow When Wet

Keep in mind that it is not good to mow when the ground is wet as the mower wheel can dig into the soft earth and cut it up. Wait until the sun rays show up a bit and the grass is a little dry, then you can do the task quickly. 


There are many 6000 old traditional techniques of mowing the lawn. Hopefully, these techniques save you time when you mow your lawn and make it look amazing. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy the smell of your labor and the respect of your neighbors.