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How To Dress Up Your Front Porch In Winter


Whether your front porch is a small space that is the entrance of a home or a large area where you entertain or relax, you can do several things to make your front porch pretty and welcoming in summer, spring, and even winter also. Maybe you do not love winters because it destroys your home’s curb appeal, or you may feel that your home entrance or front porch is dull, but no worries with some best ways you can style your porch for winters. 

By decorating or dressing up the front porch in winter, you can keep your home looking fresh and more inviting to family and guests. Here we mention the best ways to dress up your front porch in winter. 

Add A Small Tree Or Some Plants

The first way to dress up your front porch is to add small trees or plants on the front entryway. Try to add evergreens or plants which come with colorful berries to give your home entrance an attractive look. To dress up the front porch in winters, you can add winter flowers, winter flowering shrubs, colorful climbers, evergreen trees and shrubs, colorful branches, etc. You can also buy an extra Christmas tree in winter and put it in front of the door. 

Try A Lantern

You can add lanterns to give a beautiful look to your front porch. You can try hanging lanterns near the entryway and one or two lanterns on the steps to provide the porch with an attractive and welcoming look. You can get both battery-operated and hand-wired lanterns from the market but whichever you choose, make sure that those lanterns are weather resistant.

You can also select lanterns that are outfitted with LED candles to lighten up your winter nights with a warm glow. Outdoor lanterns are available in the market in several colors and materials. So choose the one which suits your front porch and budget. Always select outdoor lanterns candles with timers so that you can set them once and forget to adjust them for the whole season.

Clear The Snow

To make your front porch clean and untidy, clear the snow from the front of the house faster in winters. To keep your paths or entrance of the house clean and safe. Items such as snow blowers make snow removal quick and easy. 

Replace House Numbers

Start dressing up the front porch by changing the position of the house number plate or placing a new design number plate for your house, which is visible to people from the street in winter. 

Update Your Mailbox

If your mailbox has dull brown, white, and black colors, then give a bright look to your mailbox this winter. To provide the mailbox with a bright and attractive look, color it with bright and dark colors like red to boost your curb appeal. Make sure that after applying paint on the mailbox, keep it in a warm place till the paint sets properly and gets adhered to cold surfaces. 

Clear The Clutter

Just like inside a house, you must make sure to maintain your front porch neat and clean. Because the home entrance is clean, it impacts the outsider and gives an excellent look to the home. To keep the front porch neat and clean, make sure that you remove all the toys, lawn equipment, shovel, pet accessories, unused flowerpots, and other items after their use.

Also, clean debris if you see any on your front porch. A clean front porch makes your home more welcoming and attractive, even in winters.

Decorative Mats

Using decorative mats on your front porch is one of the best ways to dress up your porch in winter. You can get both personalized and festive or decorative rugs for your front porch in the market. Adding mats in the front porch is a cost-effective way that adds a charming and cheerful look to the entrance and also protects your floor from damage at the same time.

Hang A Wreath

If you want to give your front porch a welcoming and well-grooming look this winter by just using one item, then the option will be a wreath. You can hang them on your entrance door. There is no doubt that buying a wreath from the market is an option, but why not think about saving money by preparing a wreath using old material. 

For example, you can prepare a wreath with a plaid scarf and uncycled flannel shirts. Make sure that if you are preparing a wreath with a plaid scarf, let the fringed ends hang in the bottom, and if with flannel shirts, hem and iron the fabric properly before pining in the place. 

Use String Lights Or Path Lights

Adding lights to the porch or front door is one of the great ways to dress up your front porch simply. Lighten up your front porch and give it a warm look by using string lights. String lights are not only useable in festival season; you can use them to cover small trees and plants in your front porch for an enchanting look and soft glow, but you can also put them in a lantern or glass bowl.

Path lights also have the option for you to brighten your entryway. Path lights are available in various colors, sizes, and styles, so you can choose which you think is perfect for your entrance.


In winter, paint your front porch door in a bold color. Pop color gives your home a charming and attractive look, which all your home needs during winter. If your door has bold color, people will recognize it from far away.


Hopefully, the ways above will help you dress up your front porch! After using some of the tips, you will be amazed by how festive and bright your front porch looks.