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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Basement


For most homeowners, their basement is a space that’s full of potential and waiting to be explored. It can also feel like an underutilized area that just takes up space in the home. However, there are many great ways to make the most out of this often overlooked part of your house. Changing your space is all about turning an underused area into something functional, unique, and exciting! If you are interested in learning more about how to make the most out of your basement, keep reading.

Home Gym

Another option is creating a space for workouts such as home gyms or workout rooms! This is perfect if you enjoy staying active but don’t want the additional noise of exercising in your living room area where people watch television and relax on weekends and holidays (and even some weekdays!). This makes it easier for you to get more exercise, but also, with proper planning, this can be an excellent way of gaining square footage that would otherwise go unused. Just remember, not everyone wants to work out at home all by themselves so consider adding wall mounts near mirrors and accent lighting around windows, so guests feel like they’re part of the action while working out alongside friends.

TV Room

If you want to turn your basement into a family hangout space, consider turning it into a TV room. This is a great way to give the kids somewhere fun and exciting to hang out separate from their bedrooms. If there is enough wall and floor space in the area, this could be an excellent way of creating square footage for entertaining guests or watching movies with friends and family. Just like any other living room design project, you’ll need to decide on colors that will match the rest of your house, as well as sources of lighting such as chandeliers or lamps.

Comfortable Reading Nook

If you are looking for a quiet place to read that’s separate from your bedroom, consider turning the basement into your comfortable reading nook! Add plush seating and pillows in earth tones or neutrals to give this area an inviting look and feel. If possible, add bookcases near where people will sit to store books and other accessories like lamps and blankets easily accessible when needed. A great flooring option is hardwood floors because it makes rooms appear more prominent than carpeted areas while also giving guests something soft to rest their feet on after spending time outside running errands.

Home Office Space 

Are you tired of working from home on top of having two additional kids at home? Consider office space that is separated by walls. This will prevent the kids from distracting you and allow you to get more work done. You can even create a dedicated space for each child if they need separate spaces! For encouraging productivity, a great flooring option is hardwood floors turning one-half of your basement into a dedicated workspace. Just remember, Home offices often benefit greatly when they have their private entrance so that this area can be closed off during work hours but open during other times.

Basement Bedroom

A bedroom in the basement is another great idea that can easily be turned just by using paint on your walls and adding accent decor pieces. Try out some customizable shelving units if you don’t have much storage space in this housing area. These simple additions can go a long way when it comes to making this extra room feel cozy, organized, and stylish! If you have the budget, go ahead and add a plush rug or two near your bed to give this space an even cozier feel. If you are looking for even more storage, another unique option is building bunk beds to add extra space!


Adding a bathroom to the basement can go a long way in making this area feel like home. It also helps with convenience when you have friends and family over for activities such as game nights or movie marathons. If possible, try to put the bathroom near your bedroom or TV room so that you aren’t making multiple trips upstairs every time nature calls! Add a plush rug for softness underfoot, and grab some towels in bright colors if they will match any decor items you already have. Another excellent option for adding style without breaking the bank is using subway tile on your walls! This will give an upscale look that won’t require much investment.

Get Organized 

Are you constantly losing track of important things? Do piles of papers constantly accumulate on your desk at home? Consider using some spare square feet in your basement by installing wall cabinets and coat racks to store all those necessary tools for daily living. This will give them a designated spot so they won’t be lost anymore and help reduce the number of items on your nightstand!

Studio Apartment

If you live alone or if your children have moved out but want their private living quarters close by, consider turning part of your unfinished area into an apartment. This is a great way to have the space you need without having to give up half your house! This is also perfect for when family members visit and don’t want to stay in a hotel. You can even set up your tiny kitchen and dining nook if you like and make this space into its unique living area completely separate from the rest of your home.


There are a plethora of ways to take advantage of the extra square footage in your basement! If you’re tired of using it as a place to store unused items, consider turning this area into something that brings value and functionality. You don’t have to spend tons of money or time on renovations either! Keep things simple yet stylish by adding the right finishing touches such as wall art, home office supplies, and other decor pieces to make your space feel complete. Use this guide to brainstorm ideas for your own space and get moving on making it the dream room you’ve always wanted.