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How To Make Your Own Scrapbook From Hand


Memories are to be treasured, and what better way to cherish a memory than making a scrapbook? Scrapbooking is quite popular since olden times; it helps in treasuring memories for you to look at year’s later and even for your kids or grandkids to see, allowing you to cherish and re-live the moment from the past. Instead, it is more fun to make your scrapbook yourself from scratch, and the following guide will help you make your scrapbook from scratch, so let’s get started.

Good quality materials

For your scrapbook to last for generations, you will need quality materials that won’t degrade and last for years. 


The most important thing is a good quality paper, which lasts long and won’t degrade or fall prey to any insect infestation or lose coloring. You can get acid and lignin-free paper; acid-free paper prevents damage to your picture and discoloration of your essay due to acidity, which is quite common. On the other hand, Lignin-free paper prevents yellowing of the paper due to lignin reaction with sunlight. Some of the best-known scrapbook papers available in the market are cardstock paper, patterned paper, transparency paper, die-cut paper, etc. 

Binding Method

To keep the pages firm together, you need to use an excellent binding technique like coil binding or flex hinge binding; if there are many pages, you can use screw-post binding to hold them together. 

Photo Adhesive

Use a good quality photo adhesive to hold the pictures well on the scrapbook pages. 

Here, we got you a few fantastic ideas to make your scrapbook look great.

Polaroid Scrapbook

The best kind of scrapbooks is the ones that contain polaroid pictures. The best thing is you can write a little note on the photo about that moment, so if you have a polaroid camera, you can make a fantastic scrapbook with all the special events. Your scrapbook can include memories like road trips, travel diaries, Thanksgiving, and many more.

Digital Scrapbooking

In the world of the internet, anything and everything is possible, even creating a scrapbook digitally, and this won’t require you to get any material or worry about their quality. It will help you save paper as well as money. All you have to do is digitally make a scrapbook by adding pictures on a blank sheet or designed sheet and store it in your computer as memories.

Diary Scrapbooking

You can use any diary as a scrapbook or a used diary and stick pages on to it; this way, you can cut the scrapbooking cost by half.

Pocket Scrapbooking

If you are one of those who likes to make a scrapbook every year, then this one’s for you; you can make a small pocket-sized scrapbook and put pictures and other memories inside.

Travel Scrapbook

If you are the one who loves traveling or keeps traveling most of the time, then you should make a travel scrapbook. You can stick map pieces on your pages and attach pictures to them. It will act as an ideal backdrop for your travel scrapbook.

Pocket Envelopes

You can make small, pretty designed envelopes and stick them in your scrapbook and put your pictures and other memories in them, this way, it will look attractive, and your memories would be safe. 

Cropping Pictures

If you have many pictures to attach to your scrapbook and are falling short of space, then cutting pictures might indeed work out. Nature has shown us the best way of designing. You can cut your photos in a hexagon shape and stick them one next to the other, as seen in the honeycomb. This will help you save a lot of space, and you can cut them in squares or rectangles as well.

Waterfall Scrapbook

Another beautiful and space-saving idea is to make a pull-out scrapbook. You can pull out pages or pockets and store pictures in them; if appropriately designed, it’s a treat to the eye. So if you are good at crafts, then you should surely try this one. 

To conclude

You do get beautiful ready-made scrapbooks with unique designs and ideas in the market. If you are an artistic person who loves doing craftwork, we recommend that you do it yourself from scratch and develop your unique ideas. This will make scrapbooking and preserving memories even more fun.