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Lighten Your Housework Load These Ten Ways


Managing your household load is a lifestyle that is unavoidable and catches up to you someday or the other. Incorporating chores into your daily routine is something every individual has learned by pestering their family members or moving out of the house. Whatever the reasons, every individual manages their household and looks for ways to complete it quickly and efficiently. It has been estimated by surveys conducted in the past that American housework hours have drastically reduced between 1965 to 2011. This has mainly to do with the introduction of kitchen appliances and technological advancements over time. However, it is possible to minimize the household load by these ten tactics to have more leisure time. 

Divide Your Work

Your housework can be overwhelming when juggling multiple tasks or determining what to do first. If you experience this, it is essential to divide your work into more manageable tasks and tasks that require additional time. In this way, you can do smaller tasks during the weekdays and complete them by the end of the week. However, if some longer tasks remain and cannot be completed during the weekday, you can complete them on the weekend. 

Weekend Is Meant To Rest

It is advisable to avoid spending your housework time during the weekend. While completing your housework tasks on the weekdays, you will be able to rest and enjoy leisure time during the weekend. However, it depends on personal preferences. Some people love to complete things on time, while other love to pile them up. The former is advisable as you will get a complete holiday as you got rid of chores during the weekday. 

Ideal Time To Shop For Groceries

Many Americans are used to grocery shop often, especially after completing their shifts. Walmart claims to be packed with customers during after work hours as many prefer grocery shopping after dismissing from their daily job that is usually after 5. This allows you to spend a large chunk of time grocery shopping not because you are slow but due to more enormous queues in the billing counter and the crowd. You can quickly reduce grocery time by avoiding the 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm time slot. It is advisable to shop after 8:00 pm as grocery stores at this hour are less crowded.

Grocery Shop Weekly, And Not Daily

Many individuals are habituated to visit grocery stores daily. While this might fit into your routine, remember you are looking to spend less time on housework. Therefore, you can hoard groceries for a week and shop weekly or monthly, depending on your need. This reduces the time spent going to the grocery store daily. However, before doing this, ensure that you know how long a specific food product lasts and ensure it is not expired. For example, you will need to notice how long a gallon of milk lasts at your household and according to stalk for the week or the month.

Race With The Time

You can set a timer of about 20 minutes to clean, vacuum, wash dishes, and dust. If you do so, you will notice that you have a set goal in mind and find it easier to complete the job in the given time. This tactic helps a lot. If you put such timers for every household work, you will notice that you are completing your chores in a relatively shorter duration. 

Generate Less Laundry

It is possible to generate less laundry without compromising on their hygiene. Yes, it’s possible. For instance, you wash your sheets, covers, and curtains every two weeks or so. Furthermore, instead of putting your towel to wash frequently, you can do that every week. Additionally, you can wear lighter clothes, especially during the summer, allowing you to have fewer clothes in your “To do” laundry checklist. Finally, you can avoid changing your clothes multiple times a day. 

Wash Your Plates Immediately

Furthermore, you can wash off your plate as soon as you finish eating instead of piling it up for later. This will allow you to reduce the dish pile at the end of the day and avoid overloading your dishwasher. Additionally, if you have the habit of piling up dishes, you will notice that it is difficult to get rid of these stains and can prove to be challenging. Therefore, you will have to spend additional time rubbing off the stains as it sticks over to your plate. Hence, as soon as you finish eating, wash your plates and dishes immediately.

Plan What To Wear

Many individuals are used to choosing attire for work almost a few hours before the shift begins. This creates a massive mess in your wardrobe while hastily searching for the ideal outfit of the day. Therefore, if you are used to following this habit, your wardrobe will be a complete mess and increase your work of organizing your wardrobe again. Hence, you can plan an attire a day in advance, allowing you to avoid clutter in the wardrobe and reduce your household workload. 

Organize Your Fridge

It is essential to organize your refrigerator every once in a while. Failure to do so will end up having a colossal household load on you. For instance, you will have to sort out expired products, get rid of foul smells, and figure out things that you will have to stalk. Hence, while organizing and cleaning your fridge every month, you will get rid of the foul smell and can restock expired products, and have a brief idea of what needs to be shopped for the month. Hence, you will notice that your household load is drastically lightened.


In this way, you can lighten your household chores and not pile them up at the end of the week. Excelling in household management will allow you to have more time for comfort and leisure. Hence, it is essential to take it seriously as it is a skill that will help you in the long run till the day you die.