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How To Break In New Shoes Fast


You have just bought a new pair of shoes, and you are excited to wear them. You try them on, but they feel tight or hurt your feet. So you ask yourself, “How do I break in new shoes quickly?” The answer to this question is an age-old debate. Some say wear them around the house, others say wear them for a few hours at work, and yet more people swear by just wearing the shoes until they’re broken in naturally. There are many opinions on how to go about breaking in your new pair of shoes–and there’s no right or wrong way! So here are some ways to break in your new shoes and get to walking comfortably quickly!

Wear The Shoes

The simplest option for breaking in new shoes, which we have all heard of, is just to wear them until they’re broken in. This means wearing those heels around the house, taking those boots to work, and even trying out your sneakers before a run or walk! It might sound like it would take forever. Still, if you break in your shoes gradually over time–particularly with supportive styles such as ankle boots–you can shorten this process dramatically. If you decide on using this method of shoe-breaking, be sure not to go outside without socks so that no damage gets done from too much friction against the inside of the shoe!

Mold The Shoes

One way to break in a pair of new shoes is by heat-molding them. This method involves putting your feet into hot water first and then wearing the shoe until it cools down. The idea behind this technique is that as you wear the shoes, they will mold precisely around your foot shape and become looser for more comfortable walking! If you’re looking to try the other method, start with some cheap tennis shoes or sneakers without laces–molding works best on slip-on s cause those don’t need any extra fastening during shaping. You can also experiment with making these kinds of modifications yourself at home–simply take a hot water bottle, fill it up, and stick your foot in. Then wear the shoes around for about half an hour!

Use A Tool

Another way to fast-track the breaking-in process is by using a tool. Specifically, you can use one of those plastic shoe stretchers that people tend to hang up on their door knobs or closet hooks! These work great for stretching out tight shoes and helping them feel more comfortable when walking around. You just apply heat–with your feet if it’s cold outside, with hot water otherwise–and then put the stretcher into the toe box of each shoe before putting them on again until they cool down naturally.

Try Out Insoles

Many shoes, particularly athletic footwear with arch support, are designed to be worn in conjunction with insoles which you can cut up if they’re too big. This is a great way to make your new shoes feel more comfortable on the inside! You can also try out shoe inserts that cushion the balls of your feet for added comfort when walking around–you can purchase these online or at many pharmacies and drug stores today. Try putting one in every shoe if it feels like there isn’t enough padding already!


One of the oldest tricks is putting ice cubes inside your boots! It sounds weird, but it works. All you have to do is break up a few cubes and put them in the shoe. Then, tie it up tightly so that no water leaks out! Leave your shoes tied overnight or for about 12 hours. Any less time may not be adequate to stretch things out. Take off the ice cubes and leave your boots open until they’re dehydrated before wearing them. The process behind this trick is that as you wear them throughout the day and walk around, heat will escape, which makes it easier for your shoe to stretch out.

Use Shoe Horns

If you’re trying to avoid breaking in new shoes, then embracing them might be the way to go instead. Shoe horns are great for this kind of task because they help slip your feet into tight-fitting footwear with ease! These tools–which come in a variety of shapes and sizes–are especially useful when putting on boots or other styles that can take some wriggling around to get inside.

Use Lotion

Another option that doesn’t cost anything is to use lotion on the inside of your shoes before wearing them. This method works best with boots or other types of footwear where it’s harder to get in and out–not slip-on! All you have to do is rub some moisturizing cream (I like using petroleum jelly) all over the surface, especially around areas like where your heel goes. Then put on your shoes as expected, but without tying up any laces if possible until they’re dehydrated since water can mess up this process! The idea behind this technique is that the softening effect makes it easier for new leather materials to stretch out gradually after each wear.


 It’s essential to break in your shoes quickly so that you can get the most comfort and wear out of them. Each of these options will help stretch out the materials enough so that your new shoes fit comfortably after just a few days! The best advice is to try these tips and see which ones work the best for you!