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Ways To Increase Your Pets Longevity


It is heartbreaking to say goodbye to our furry friends. If only we could stand against the laws of nature, we’d never want them to part from us. Though there is not much to do in this regard, doing the right things will ensure that your pets won’t leave you before their time is up. 

A long healthy life is a gift. But to make sure the gift is used to the full benefit, make sure you abide by some tips. From diet to physical activities, here are the top ways to ensure your pet can see many more years being healthy!

The Diet!

Diet plays an integral part in shaping our health. You must have heard, ‘What goes into the body makes the body.’ Therefore, a proper diet is vital for dogs to ensure they get their dietary requirements from the same. Like us, a well-balanced diet is ideal, though a regular diet is also enough to keep them fit. 

  • What To Feed Them?

Dogs eat both plants and animals; hence they can derive their nutrients from both. Though most of our homes have replaced natural food with pre-prepared dog food, going the natural way is better if you take a little more time to prepare them. 

In natural food, you can either go with freshly cooked food or raw food. Advocates of the natural variant proudly claim healthier benefits than a kibble diet, with positive effects ranging from better heart health to shinier coats. However, it is difficult to ensure the diet will encompass the formal requirement if you don’t follow the manuals. Moreover, there is no guarantee over the quality control of the product. In addition, the raw diet is not suitable for dogs of all age groups. Raw food also harbors the risk of pathogen contamination. However, if you eliminate these risks, your pets can reap more significant benefits than a kibble diet.  

Kibble/ dog foods available in the have been evaluated under stringent laws that ensure their safety. The food produced and recognized by the regulatory body makes sure that it is safe for your pets. The kibbles include processed food and contain all nutritionary requirements in varying amounts depending on the product. However, one primary concern is the chemical additives/ preservatives that cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is essential to read the components mentioned in the labels before buying the kibbles. Check the ingredients that go into the manufacturing process and if they are present in the desired amount. Beware of confusing labels for meat components. Companies often list their ingredients such that they appear more wholesome to the public!

Don’t Adopt Any Fads Until An Authority Approves Them!

Don’t jump on any fad train before knowing the in and out, or at least till you have witnessed it first-hand. Now and then, popular dietary charts prop up claiming to provide exceptional results. An example is a grain-free diet. However, since studies are still underway, associating the initial success with long-term benefits will be too rudimentary. Instead, it is better to immediately consult a veterinarian and find out what is best for your dogs and what is not!   

Don’t Overdo It!

Obesity strikes dogs too! Too much food followed by little physical activity inches the dogs towards obesity. Obesity, in turn, brings with it many more risks like arthritis and heart diseases. All breeds of dogs have an ideal weight for their particular growth chart. So if your dogs are breaking the records by a margin of more than 20%, it is high time to put them to some action. 

If you follow the natural diet, you can consult a veterinarian on how much and when to feed. Most of the kibbles have the servings mentioned. Note that these servings concern normal healthy dogs. If your dogs do not match their description, you might have to make some adjustments.

  • The Exercise

In the second half of the health duo, exercise is essential for dogs to remain healthy. For proper agility, the dogs need to have physical exertions. And the good part is, they’ll love it (barring few exceptions!). The exercises yield the same benefits as they would do to us. Lowered stress levels, improved heart health, better joints…etc. Are some benefits that your dogs will enjoy if you push them towards exercises early on. 

Dogs are social creatures. The exercise time gives them a great way to bond with their human parent and other canine friends. Socialization further helps in their overall mental and physical health. 

What To Do When Your Dog’s Age?

As your dogs advance in age, they won’t be as athletic as they once were. And they know it too! Hence, don’t be too hard on them. Weave your way to accommodate their inability. You can also entrust them in the care of physical therapy once in a while to make sure they have enough movement for the day. 

  • Keep Their Minds Healthy!

Mental stimulations are helpful for your dogs. With most people leaving a better half of the day for work, the pets are left all alone to fend for themselves. This period may stem from anxiety or boredom. Both are not promoted as they can attract more significant concerns like depression or hyper behavior. 

Mental stimulation games are a perfect way to let them keep themselves busy as you go about with your day’s work. Training them, playing sports, using games…etc., provide mental stimulation for your dogs, keeping them active and agile. Do not let the age group bar you from trying the stimulation, as options cater to each. 

Lick/snuffle mats are an excellent way to let your dogs spend some time without you worrying about their well-being!

  • Hygiene 

Proper sanitation is necessary to make sure they are safe from pests and pathogens. Since it is difficult to identify them without any knowledge, it is advised to have a regular visit to the vet before it is too late.  

  • Brush Twice For A Gleeful Smile

Dental hygiene is essential for dogs. Studies have found a relation between dental health and heart health! A common bacterial infection that strikes following poor oral hygiene is a periodontal disease that hurts several organs.

If you don’t brush the teeth regularly, they are bound to accumulate food residue over time, which will provide comfy space for the bacteria to thrive. 

Get Them Checked!

Run a basic health checkup on your dogs once a year or two. This will help you have professional help on your dog’s health and monitor if they have proper growth or not. However, as your dogs advance in age or if you notice any abnormal behaviors from their side, don’t be hesitant to approach the vet. 

The vet will not only help to identify the issue but will also help you address them in the best possible way. They’ll be able to pinpoint supplements (if required), changes in diet, or other aspects that your pets are in dire need of. 


Caring for your pets is essential if you want them to enjoy a long and healthy life. If you can’t take responsibility for them, it is better not to take them in at all, rather than make them suffer. These social animals have been sticking close to humans for a long time. Add a little bit more effort and let them enjoy their life to the fullest.