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Mistakes That Reduce Your Pets Life


To all the dog owners out there, you may think that you have done the best research to take good care of your pet, and yet you may miss out on some common but unseen mistakes that can cause health problems in them.

They are probably your babies, and you are involved in a lot of pet care. First, however, acquaint yourself with these Seven mistakes that may reduce the lifespan of your babies.

Vet Visits Only When Sick

Your pet does not have a language to express when they’re in pain, and therefore, sometimes serious problems can go unnoticed. On the other hand, avoiding routine visits to the vet can be very harmful. Therefore, you should ensure that your pet is supervised by the medical professional and receives regular dose shots and vaccines. Though vets can be expensive in your pockets, you have to be a responsible pet parent and provide for your pet all the medical attention it needs, even in the absence of a disease or sickness.

Dental Hygiene Is A Must

Do you know that dogs and cats can suffer from similar dental problems if oral hygiene is not maintained? To make your pet comfortable with the process, start the technique of brushing at a very early age. Please do not use a complex and rigid brush but rather a soft one that will not hurt their gums. A foul smell can indicate gum and dental problems or even diseases related to the digestive system. Getting the teeth of your pet checked should be made mandatory, and you should visit the vet at least twice a year.

A Hot Water Bath Is Not Advised

While the kitties are spick and span and require fewer bath sessions, dogs need to be bathed regularly, at least once a week. Do not use boiling water as their very sensitive to heat, and the hot water can burn their skin. Avoid using direct water as it can get into their ears, leading to an ear infection. The soap and shampoo should be gentle and consult the vet if your pet suffers from underlying skin diseases. Make sure to dry your pet completely to avoid chills and discomfort.

Avoid Your Food Toppings

While your pet may make a fuss to finish their food, you may offer them some bits and toppings of your food and forcing them to finish their food. However, you are inviting health problems for your pet because their digestive system is too fragile to digest the spices, sugars, and salts present in a portion of human food. Learn to say ‘NO’ every time they make an innocent face for your treat. Food items like chocolate, caffeine, onions, garlic, alcohol, sweets, and candies are toxic to these four-pawed babies.

Leaving Your Pet Unattended

Leaving your pet all alone in the house when you’re out on a business meeting or vacation can be alarming because it leads to mental problems of fear, stress, and anxiety, reducing their lifespan. Though cats can live a sedentary lifestyle for some time, dogs can never adjust to living alone, especially if they are brought up in a family environment.

Lack Of Physical Activity

Regulars physical activity is a must for you as well as your pet. According to the guidelines for physical activity, every American should indulge in 60 minutes of exercise regularly. If you feel alone for a brisk walk or regular walks, take along your pet to maintain his heart health as well. Feeding them with a lot of food and no physical exercise can cause cardiovascular problems and lead to fat deposition, making them obese and lazy.

The Bottom Line

A mistake is accepted if you are unaware of it; however, not acknowledging the mistake and continuing with it even after reading the cons, you should be ashamed to call yourself a pet parent. Just like a parent does good for its kids, a pet owner should be aware of the do’s and the don’ts and provide the utmost care and support to their pet.