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Tips For Cleaning Your Washer And Dryer


Like clothes, your washer and dryer need cleaning periodically. Over time, washing machines start collecting detergent excess, which may lead to mold, dirt, and grim in the washer, and maybe dryer collects lint in it that can start to fire. Because of these problems, your clothes do not clean properly in the washing machine, and they seem dirty even after washing. These problems also damage the washing machine badly if you do not clean it on time. So to prevent these problems and keep the washer and dryer fresh and safe, it is essential to clean them properly after some time. 

Use Baking Soda

First, put two cups of baking soda directly in an empty washer for cleaning the washer. Baking soda will clean the washer from the inside and combat those moldy smells or odors left behind because of fabric softener and old soaps. Then add hot water to it and run the hot water cycle with baking soda for a more extended period. If your machine has the option of a self-clean cycle, then put it on or use it. 

Use Vinegar

To clean the washer and eliminate musty smells, fabric, and soaps deposits. Pour two cups of white vinegar, hot water, and add ten drops of essential oil like lavender or tea tree for extra freshness into the washer directly and then run the hottest and longest cycle. Adding oil is that these oils help with mineral deposits and mildew and act as a mild disinfectant. White vinegar helps you break down all deposits in the washer and give you a smell-free washer.

Clean Interior

Wipe down the washer agitator and drum by putting some vinegar on a cotton cloth and scrub it. If there are any spots or stains, then use a mixture of baking soda and water on it and then, after some time, clean the stain and solution with a soft sponge.

Clean Rubber Seal

Dipped the cotton cloth in white vinegar or any cleaner and removed the mold from the rubber seal.

Vacuum Dust From The Back Panel

First, before cleaning or vacuuming the back panel, go and read the manufacturer’s instructions. Then unscrew the bolts and vacuum the lint which is inside the back panel. You can use a narrow brush to clean lint from problematic areas.

Clean The Drum

In the bottom of the drum, you may find it full of dust bunnies. Put the cleaner in the interior drum, scrub it with a sponge, let it for some time, and wash it properly. After washing, set it aside to dry completely. 

Clean Exterior Surface

After interior cleaning, do the exterior surface cleaning using an all-purpose cleaner and warm water. After that, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth properly. Once everything is done, reattach the ducts, back panel, hoses, and plug it back in. 

Extra Tips To Keep Your Washer And Dryer Clean

    1. Always leave the washing machine door open for some time after washing so that the washer and dryer dry properly. By leaving the door open, the retained moisture in the washer and dryer will evaporate, and you can avoid the growth of mold and mildew.
    2. Always try to avoid storing fabric softener or cloth in the washer and dryer. Instead, remove the clothes asap after washing or drying. Because if you store them in the washer and dryer for a long time, then fabric softeners will leave residue in the washer and dryer and other clothes.
    3. Always use a limited amount of detergent in the washing machine because different use of detergent will cling to the washer walls, which leads to boring and odorous clothes.