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Most Popular Kinds Of Granite For Your New Countertop


Granite’s elegance has been mesmerizing people from ancient times! From bathrooms to the kitchen countertop, from flooring to the walls, granites are finding a place everywhere. 

Granite provides a better alternative than those available in the market, thanks to its durability and affordability. Though quartz is slowly rising in popularity, the countertops can be rocked equally by any granite out there!

Why Granite?

Countertops are the place where most of the vulnerable work goes on. Be it bearing the brunt of a hot saucepan or the blunt knives that pierce through the object and the countertops alike. Therefore, investing in a good countertop that is durable and, at the same time, meets the feasibility of the general public is highly demanded.

There are many other alternatives for the countertop other than granites. From laminate to marble, there is a wide range of countertop options to consider depending on your price range. However, considering the following factors, the granite countertops are the most desirable ones for your houses!

  • They are pretty durable to both heat and scratches.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Elegance and beautiful finishing.
  • With more than a dozen color options and each color with different hues and patterns, you never run out of options to choose from.
  • The value of the property increases.
  • You can shift to granite tiles or modular ones for a more feasible option.

Most Popular Kinds Of Granite

With its aesthetically pleasing finish, granite ups the game of everything from your dining set to the walls. Even in your kitchen, you can explore other uses for your granite slabs by going beyond those countertops.

Granites, even after all the positive points, still come at a higher price range. Not to ignore the regular sealing required to avoid gaps in the sealing which can attract both stains and bacteria. Shifting between the price ranges and depending on the ease of assembling, three types of granites are available in the market.

  1. Granite slabs
  2. Modular granite
  3. Granite tiles

The thickness of the granite decreases in each successive option, thus bringing down the price (and the possible glamour) compared to the slabs. However, that brings in the option of DIY countertops. You can install the granite tile by yourself with a little help from your family members. But as the thickness of the slabs decreases, they are more susceptible to cracks and other damages. Nevertheless, they give off a furnished look without burning the pockets too much. Hence, depending on the degree of roughness in the kitchen usage, you can look for the one that suits your pockets best.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to granite countertops. From shades of red to purple, you have an option for all. However, the timeless colors are:

White Granite Countertop

Embrace the minimalistic design by going all white for the kitchen workspace. The white colors lighten up space and lift spirits. The unique designs through the granites, be it the black speckles (Colonial White granite), the grainy greys throughout (Artic White granite), or the flowy lines (River White granite), adds up a significant touch to space. However, even the white in itself with snow white granite is enough to do the magic.

If you wish to add a little more color with white as the base, you can also check out Ice White granite, which bears delicate patterns of ice sheets, the Himalayan White granite, and Kinawa White granite. Delicatus White granite and Ivory White granite shift towards the beige side; however, it is a good option that can complement white interiors.

Black Granite Countertop

If you want to opt for the sleek finishing look, there is no better option than black. 

Black Pearl granite and Black Galaxy granite come with varying degrees of freckles in silver, gold, and grey shades, which shine, giving the granite a unique touch. If you want to go with the pitch-black concept or charcoal background, find your picks from Black Antique granite, Absolute Black granite, and Black Sun granite. Adding a dash of colors and intricate designs in shades of brown (Black Fusion granite and Magma Black granite), gold (Orion Gold granite and Black Phantus granite), or white/grey (Crema Espresso granite and Metallic granite) increases the options further.

Brown Granites

The brown adds color and gives off a natural shade to the kitchen space. With tons of shades and designs to explore, the brown granites are quite versatile in their use.

Baltic Brown granite flaunts spots in shades of black and grey, whereas Crema Brazil granite gives a grainy appearance. Integrate the shadow of black and go with Tempest granite or Sequoia Brown granite. If you want to go with a sleek look without much flare, Tropical Mahogany granite or Imperial Coffee granite might fit best for you. You can find shades of brown bordering from the lightest to the darkest. With delicate designs formed along with the participating colors, options are endless.

Bonuses: The countertops would look equally magnificent with these rising color shades of grey and gold. New Venetian Gold granite and Steel Gray granite are popular trends in recent years.


Granite is an investment, where the returns you receive are manifolds. However, to make sure that you enjoy its aesthetic beauty thoroughly, match up the cabinets to the style so that your kitchen looks complete. The granite colors that are picking up most of the countertops in American households are black, white, and brown. However, there is no denying that a large shade range is available out there to pick one for your preference.