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Top 5 Plant Subscription Boxes


As cities grow, we start to see less greenery. There is something good about waking up and seeing something natural grow. Having a small plant in your house can be an excellent option to help make your home look more beautiful. A lot of people are getting into gardening and planting trees or some smaller plants. It is unnecessary to know a lot about plants because you have excellent subscription services that can send you plants and tell you the best ways to grow them.

The Sill

This subscription has three options that you can choose from online. The classic plant subscription sends you a new plant every month that is very easy to take care of. The plant may be about six inches but not very big, so even if you have a small apartment, you can keep this plant. This is a good subscription if you are new to this and you are unsure which plant will be the best for you. 

The pet-friendly plant subscription box is the other option that you can choose. It is not toxic, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your pet. The third membership is the plant parent club membership. This is the best membership that you can choose. With this, you will get benefits like free shipping, ten percent off, and early access to new products. You will also get access to a whole community that loves plants as much as you do, and you can ask everyone for tips and tricks to grow and take care of your plants. You can also share with them all the tricks that you may have about the plants. 

Urban Organic Gardener

This subscription service does not send a plant but seeds instead. All the seeds are of high quality. They will send you plants that you can keep indoors, on a windowsill, or in a yard. The best part is that they will send you a particular group of seeds based on how experienced you are, the amount of sunlight you get, the location, and what you will plant the seeds in. The company does not just send random seeds but special ones after looking at you and what plants would grow best in the space you plant. 

You will also get detailed instructions and steps on how to grow your plants in the best way and even some small gardening tools and supplies. This can be a great choice if you are a beginner. The monthly mystery box includes two seed packs, while the pro subscription can have up to five seed packs.

Bloomin’ Bin 

This company has different subscriptions that you can choose from, and all the subscriptions are good if you are an experienced gardener or are doing it for the first time. You can select the starting subscription, which is the seeds of the month. In this subscription, you will get three to five packets of good-quality seeds. 

You will also receive a binder. You can use this binder to keep all the growing instructions that you receive in the box. The basic bloomin bin sends you a lot more things that you can use. It sends you seeds, soil samples, a live plant occasionally, and even some grow bags. The premium bin is the most expensive box, and this bin can get you multiple packs of seeds. Sometimes you will get live plants, pots, bags, gardening projects, and new tools. 

Succulent Studios

The subscription here is straightforward. You will receive two baby succulents a month. The plans come in biodegradable pots, so it is good for the environment, and you get illustrated cards that have instructions to take care of your succulents in the best way possible. All the succulents you receive have been grown in Southern California. These are tiny and cute plants that you will love, and they are even great as a gift. 


Horti has you covered, they send you plants that are easy to take care of, and they do not require much light to live. You will receive a new plant every month. After a while, you might get some plants that might be more difficult to take care of, but you will be ready to care for them daily. If you are already an expert at taking care of plants, then there are options for you to choose from. You can select a standard pot that your plant comes in, or you can pay a little more for a unique hand-painted pot. Sometimes you might get a gardening tool or accessory instead of the pot, but this is an excellent subscription service, especially for beginners. 


All the people who work in these companies know what they are doing, and they make their boxes so that anyone can start growing plants even if they do not have much prior experience in gardening. You can try any of these services. You can also give a six-month subscription as a gift to a friend whom you know wants to get into gardening or likes plants.