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Various Types Of Astroturf


People switch from natural grass to artificial grass or opt for another alternative to make their natural lawn more beautiful. These days artificial grass is on the top list because of its quality and real-looking look, readily available in different sizes and colors.

As many places are getting water low in supply, this could be a great relief and change towards nature. To mow it, we do not require any power source and water. The fabulous thing about the artificial lawn is that it does not require extra effort or time to maintain.

Types Of AstroTurf

Many types of AstroTurf are available according to the different needs and wants of people. Differentiation can be easily made according to material, color, purpose, and features.

Different Materials


Among the various types of artificial grass, nylon grass is the most vital type of grass. This grass can stand up to both high temperature and heavyweight without losing its shape. People prefer nylon grass because you don’t have to worry about the sun damaging or accidentally crushing in this grass. It is used very often for landscaping or backyards due to its high cost.


Many homeowners opt for polyethylene products when they are looking for artificial grass in their homes. This artificial grass feels natural and softer than nylon and looks beautiful with plenty of texture and bright green color. 

It is used in athletic fields such as baseball, football, and soccer for landscaping. This type of grass will retain odors because it is nonporous. This key feature attracts pet owners mainly, as they don’t have to worry about their lawn when the pets go outside. It is easy to take care of this grass as it only needs to brush or rake in a month.


This artificial grass is the least durable and at the same time, it is the least expensive also. It is an excellent deal for the people who want a landscaping bargain, but it will not be a good choice for the people who want to play and walk on this artificial grass. 

When compared with nylon and polyethylene, this grass finds to be less demanded by the house owner. It can be used as an indoor artificial grass or for decoration purposes.

Different Colors


To make it look more like real artificial grass, most people choose green grass for their lawn. A perfectly green yard does not look normal, but if the color of the grass has a green shade, it will look more perfect shades like jungle green, olive green, dark green, lime. Choosing a brighter and healthier color can make his lawn look beautiful without much time-consuming and expensive upkeep.

Bright Color

While purchasing artificial grass, various colorful color options are available according to different color choices if you want bright pop color. It’s a great way of adding a splash of colors for a dog run, for an all-weather sunroom, or around the pool. While planning out the bright color grass space, creativity will also increase. 


Blue artificial grass is used around the pool to enhance the color of the water; it’s also used on playgrounds. By installing blue synthetic grass, kids easily stimulate their imagination and excitement, as kids like bright colors. 


According to different features, there are eight types of artificial grasses available which are:-

UV stabilized, non-absorbent fiber, urethane backing, non-staining, heat, non-flammable, frost-resistant, varied color blades, perforation. These all have different features and demands according to the needs of house owners. Astroturf is made while keeping the needs of people in mind, which also enhances your lawn.

Uses of AstroTurf

Artificial grasses are perfect for residential and domestic use. It is a versatile product which is used in a wide range. Astroturf has been used for various purposes: indoor games room, indoor children’s playground, indoor gym, football pitch, playground, pet yards, and balcony surface. 


Astroturf is a long-term investment. They offer not only low maintenance curb appeal but also high up the value of the home. Saving water and electricity by installing artificial grass is the best option one can opt for. While purchasing it might be possible that you feel it is expensive, it will pay itself in the long run.  

If you are still confused about choosing the best one for your home, take a sample piece and place it beside walls, concrete, or anything resembling the real installation place. Just be aware of your wants and enjoy your artificial grass lawn.