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Ways to Make Your Patio Winter-Friendly


Winter is officially here, and if you are anything like us, you’re probably missing spending time in your outdoor space, during or after a hearty meal.

But listen up! The arrival of the cold season marked by chilly air and heavy snow doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time on the patio. In fact, with our helpful guide, you can turn your outdoor living space nice and cozy and curl up on your winter-proof patio all year-round.

1.    Cover Your Patio

If you are looking for ways to transform your patio into a warm, comfy, and inviting space, you should consider adding an overhead shelter to your existing patio; so even when it rains or snow, you can still step out without getting wet and cold and gaze the beautiful natural phenomenon.

When deciding on how to cover your patio, note that you have quite a few options. You can top with a sealed skylight, construct a pavilion, use a stretchy patio cover, add a straw roof, or take advantage of a stylish tarp.

2.    Add a Heat Source

No winter-proof outdoor space is complete without a proper heat station. Consider installing a fire pit, fireplace, chimera, or a modern heater to make your yard fit for dining, relaxing, or entertaining your guests during the frosty season.

If your decisions are bound by budget-constraints, you certainly can’t consider building a fireplace or a fire pit. That said, you can find budget-friendly firepots or chimeras for bringing heat into your outdoor station.

3.    Invest in Weather-Resistant Furniture

If you want to enjoy your patio all-year-round, especially in the chilly season, make sure your outdoor furniture is weather-proof.  Invest in resilient furniture materials that can withstand harsh winters. For instance, get furniture in synthetic wicker. It’s the most durable material that can last all year-round. Treated woods are also an excellent choice as they can resist water to a great extent. You can also go for tables and chairs that are covered with extra protectants to control weather damage.

Once you have gotten winter-friendly furniture, make sure to protect it with covers. You can find different kinds of winter covers on the market. Use them to shield your furniture from winter snow and rainfall as well as dirt and debris. The most popular way to cover patio furniture is to use polyester tarp covers. Make sure it’s protected with vinyl coating for further protection.

4.    Add Lighting

With longer nights, your outdoor space can quickly become dark and dreary during winter. To make it more toasty and inviting, consider lighting up the space. You can incorporate lights into your patio in so many cool ways. For instance, you can put path lights along your plant/flower bed edges or walkways. Use large fixtures for a more beautiful look.

If you want something more advanced, have uplights installed. They will gorgeously highlight your patio as well as house architecture. String lights give a cute and homely effect and can be used no matter your patio type. On the other hand, moonlighting is an ideal option if you have an outdoor space surrounded by large trees.

5.    Add Throw Pillows and Blankets

To make your patio cozier, consider adding in throw pillows and blankets. This will keep you, your family, friends, and guests warm and happy on the patio. Make sure the blankets and throw pillows in your patio match or complement your furniture. Doing so will instantly boost the outlook of your patio. For instance, you can incorporate colorful throw pillows and blankets to your dark (grey or black) tables and chairs.

Purchase these items in a thick, high-quality fabric so that they remain protected and durable for a long time.

6.    Green Up the Space

Don’t let winter blues reflect on your patio. Brighten up your outdoor space with a splash of greenery. Place your favorite winter plants around your patio to liven up your patio. What are some of the best plants you can grow in the winter season?

    • Japanese Maple
    • Crimson Sentry
    • Forest Pansy
    • Jacaranda
    • Tulip Tree
    • Ornamental Pear
    • Crepe Myrtle
    • Maidenhair Tree

Depending on your mood, occasion, personal taste, and your patio’s structure, you can give your outdoor space a toasty and welcoming feel. Following our provided ways to make your patio winter-friendly, you can indeed make your yard a sanctuary during dull cold days!