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8 Water Features For Your Backyard


Water can enhance your backyard in a myriad of ways. Small backyards can now become a treat to the eyes, thanks to fresh ideas. The sounds of water trickling down are soothing to most and help create a relaxing state for your backyard. Louder water features are perfect for those looking to drown out the sound of busy streets, noisy neighbors, or obnoxious sounding animals. No matter your reasoning, water features are a great way to add value to your backyard and make it a space you will want to use. 

With no intent to keep you waiting, here are some water feature ideas you’ll love.

Water Walls

These let the water cascade down a wall, and the water recycles back to the top to form a never-ending cycle. Water walls look elegant anywhere. Many place these features in an outdoor kitchen, sides of the house, or even next to a pool area. 

A filter ensures there isn’t a mineral build-up, so the water stays clean. Any water wall will produce soothing sounds, but the sound of the wall varies on the material. The texture of the wall is a large part of the sound made by this water feature. 

To make this feature stunning at night as well, try including LCD lighting. You can also set a fire pit next to the feature to enjoy it on cold evenings. 

Garden Fountains

Your backyard fountain can be delicate or grand. It can be complex or modern. In addition, you may install statues in these garden fountains. One may also build them in scuppers and sconces. Surely LED lights will add to the elegance and mystery. 

Typically, all garden fountains have a pond that collects water. Then, it is pumped to the top. These standalone water features will make a soothing sound mostly. However, depending on how the water dribbles and the material, the sound will vary. If it gushes down the vast rock constructs, it’ll make louder sounds. Set this as the focal point to make your backyard stunning. 


It is a spiritually rejuvenating experience to sit next to a birdbath and watch birds come and go. These water features are best because they are customizable. In addition, these simple features are aesthetically pleasing because they attract birds, are affordable, and easy to maintain. 

Koi Pond

Your small backyard can always have a cute koi pond. It fills the vacancy of an indoor aquarium in your house. Garden design requires a landscape professional. But, you can also make one yourself! 

It’s a mesmerizing and playful water feature idea but beware of the maintenance expenses. A rock fountain and backyard water pond are peaceful only when you have a loose budget. Check out the DIY water features and budget-friendly outdoor hacks. 

Rain Curtain

Landscape design is incomplete without rain curtains. The desired pattern and small holes of equal size in a line are drilled on the device. You may set it to recycle water to the upper portion if you add a pump. 

And what’s more beautiful than experiencing little rain almost any time! You may set this garden design idea in your outdoor kitchen. Alternatively, you can add a rain curtain over a swimming pool. 


You may also create a water garden with bubblers. These water features are also called gurglers. Much like a hot spring, your backyard water bubblers well up from underground. They can match your landscape design through customization. 

Or you can buy kits of these outdoor water features. In addition to the visual beauty, bubblers generate soothing sounds. Keep them large or small, as your backyard accommodates. Have them as patio water features or around the outdoor kitchen.


These elaborate water features need more space. So, small backyards may not be able to have streams. Also, set your landscape design to make adequate space for them. Of all the water feature ideas, streams are the most intensive. Therefore, it is suggested you hire experts. One may also look for innovative images of garden ideas similar to koi ponds and streams.


Set up a small waterfall in your backyard at its focal point for a soothing falling water appeal. Make it yourself or call backyard waterfall experts. You may add your plumbing skills and imagination to create your waterfalls. Also, look for garden designs available at garden and home improvement spots.


The most astonishing water feature ideas given are not for summers alone. Even in winters, you can set a fire pit barbecue near your pool and celebrate. Garden fountains, water walls, and rain curtains use the same water in a loop. So, these garden ideas let you conserve water along with admiring and relishing it to the fullest.