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Plants That Drive Away Bugs


Are insects attracted to you? Does it seem like wherever you go, you find yourself surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes, insects, flies, and other pesky bugs? If the scenario mentioned above sits true with you, take comfort in knowing that you do not have to cover yourself in insect repellent spray or buy many chemicals to solve this issue; all you can do is plant some plants. That’s right, a row of strategically planted shrubs and plants can help you keep the various pesky insects away from you and your house. So, now, if you wish to step out on the porch or sit in the backyard, you wouldn’t have to worry about insects.


Versatility is a virtue no one despises. Basil is grown for a lot of reasons, the major one being for food. But did you know that basil is also used to keep mosquitoes and house flies away? That’s right, so next time you plant basil in your garden to add it to your chicken dish, a pork dish, or in your salad, make sure you plant a little extra in tiny container boxes and keep those by your doors. While you wait for your basil to grow, you can make a homemade insect repellent spray:

  1. Mix four ounces of boiling water with a handful of basil leaves.
  2. Let the leaves sit in the water for a while, squeeze the juice out of the leaves, and into the water.
  3. Add four ounces of the cheapest Vodka to this Basil-water mixture.
  4. Transfer it in a spray bottle and spray away!


The benefits of Lavender are numerous. It has been used throughout the world for various purposes, such as adding fragrance, medicinal purposes, and aromatherapy. Studies have shown lavender oil is very beneficial for the skin as well as for the mind. Many use lavender oils for their aromatherapy as it helps relax and works as a stress reliever. Most humans love the smell of Lavender and add it to their drawers and cabinets, but mosquitoes, flies, bugs, etc., would disagree. The smell of Lavender keeps the insects away, so if you wish to get rid of these devilish fiends, place a tied bouquet of Lavender in your house. You can also use lavender oil on your skin to keep the mosquitoes away when stepping outside. Make sure you use a carrier oil while doing so. 


Those who have a vegetable garden in their backyard will undoubtedly have this particular plant too. Mint is used widely for culinary purposes in many kitchens, but did you know that it can also be used to get rid of pesky insects and mosquitoes. That’s right, extract a little mint juice, add apple cider vinegar and cheap Vodka in equal ounces and transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. Use this spray to get rid of various insects. If you plan to grow mint at your house, make sure you use a pot. Mint stems tend to spread quickly when planted in the ground and so using pots and containers will be the best option. Strategically place these containers around your house to get rid of bugs and insects. 


Like rosemary and Lavender, sage has a strong smell pleasing to the human nose, but insects would beg to differ. Sage has a variety of uses and benefits. Suppose you like to spend time in the backyard or out in the open in general but can’t due to the many insects; toss some sage and rosemary into the campfire. The burning smell of these herbs should successfully keep the bugs away. 


That’s right, Lemongrass is also one of the plants that help in keeping your house safe from various pests and bugs; I bet you didn’t know that. Lemongrass is used to extract citronella oil used widely to make scented candles used as insect repellents. This grass, similar to other plants mentioned above, is also used for culinary purposes. Lemongrass can be grown in a pot or the ground, but if you are to use a pot, make sure you go for a more prominent option as this grass tends to grow as tall as 4 feet and three feet wide. So, the next time you are annoyed by bugs and insects, plant Lemongrass in your house and wait for the results. 

In conclusion 

Many times, the answer to your problems is quite simple, similar to this situation. However, who knew that to get rid of insects, all you have to do is plant some plants? Almost all the plants added in the above list have various day-to-day uses, which works out in your favor. So, if you are one of those people looking for a permanent solution to your bug problem, go ahead and plant some of these trees.